On this day 26 years ago in Indianapolis a very important document was signed. A document that would forever change the history of Ohio. The birth certificate of John Joseph Louis Johnson the third, Captain of the United States of America. Who knew this little bundle of joy would grow up to lead the US to victory upon victory?  What’s even more shocking is the fever that has overtaken Ohio. So much love for a man from the University of Michigan. Ludicrous I say, ludicrous. Today we salute you, Captain America. May you celebrate your birthday with the same gusto with which you celebrate your goals. Happy Birthday Jack Johnson!!



Some say Columbus isn’t a hockey town. They say it’s a joke to house a NHL team in Ohio. Reporters all over the NHL say there isn’t a market for hockey in Columbus, let alone Ohio. Columbus’ fandom is the butt of everyone’s jokes. Columbus is a misunderstood hockey town.

Bright and early yesterday morning hockey fans all over the Columbus area piled into their favorite hockey bar, R Bar.  The USA chants started almost immediately after puck drop. Every goal was accompanied by cheers so loud they could wake the dead. When they raised the American flag the bar belted out the National Anthem with such gusto I’m sure people a mile away could hear. We love our hockey. We are loud. We are obnoxious. We are proud. We are honest bordering a little on the over emotional side. We are more than just a NHL hockey town. We are an every kind of hockey town. When we are hungry for hockey we find games to satisfy that hunger.  During this lock out we have traveled near and far to get our hockey fix. AHL, ECHL,College, High School, pee wee, sled, and even beer leagues. We follow team USA religiously. Here’s the thing. We may not be strictly Jackets fans. You can’t expect that from a state that didn’t have a team until 2000.  Within six hours of Nationwide Arena there are six rather successful hockey teams. Five of which have been in existence for at least 38 years. Our fans are slowly evolving. Every week a new Blue Jacket fan is born. When opposing fans enter Nationwide Arena we try to convert them. We strike up conversations with random people wearing other teams jerseys. It’s easy to convert fans when the players are approachable and the organization takes an active interest in the fans.  We are slowly turning Ohio into a state full of  Blue Jackets fans.

Columbus may not be a Blue Jackets town but it is a hockey town. We eat, breathe, sleep, bleed, and live hockey. We have homemade rinks in our backyards. Monday nights are spent watching football on the televisions at the local Chiller in-between periods of rec league hockey games. Walk into any parking lot in Columbus and you will see at least two vanity plates dedicated to hockey. We own a multitude of hats not because we like to wear them but because we like to throw them. We even use hockey terms to describe plays in every other sport. We can’t help it. We are addicted.

Columbus is a hockey town. We accept all walks of hockey life. We may not have a Stanley cup but at least we aren’t hockey snobs.



The University of Akron’s ice hockey team is taking their stance on bullying. In a day in age where bullying is at an all-time high the team is fighting back. They are sticking up for those who have been bullied and trying to give them happy memories.  On Saturday  October 6th the UofA hockey squad is going to have Hope Holcomb as their Honorary Puck Dropper. Hope is a beautiful 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately this lovely little girl has been experiencing some ugly actions. As if riding the bus home from school isn’t bad enough Hope has been getting teased because she has Cerebral Palsy. To make matters even worse a father picking up his son from the bus stop has joined in on the bullying by mocking Hope. Stories like these make me sad but what the UofA hockey team plans on doing makes my soul smile. The team posted this on their Facebook page earlier this week :

We are going to make this little angel SMILE again! This Saturday Hope is going to Eric N Popovich Bella Sera and Pizzeria and Ristorante for a Pizza Party with her FRIENDS and Family at 12:00pm then she is going to come up to Center Ice Sports Complex and she will be our Honorary Puck Dropper for Saturday afternoon game at 4:05pm. It will be the University of Akron Hockey Team vs John Carrol University! I am asking everyone to PLEASE come and so your support for this little Angel! I just want to show Hope its ok we are all here for you!!! 

These men make me proud to say I went to the University of Akron.  So please come on out to the Center Ice Sports Complex on Saturday and take a stand against bullying.  Show Hope Holcomb and all those who have been bullied that you stand with them. It’s time to put the “Fear of the Roo” into bullies.
Who: University of Akron vs John Carroll
When: Saturday October 6th 2012 at 4:05 pm
Cost: Tickets: $5
             Getting to make a bullied child smile again: PRICELESS
Where: Center Ice Sports Complex
                Directions from the University of Akron:
                 1. Route 8s
                 2. Merge onto I-77 s
                 3.  Exit 112 SHUFFEL ST
                 4. Turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                 5. Turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                 6. Destination on your left
              Directions from John Carroll
                 1. Take I-271 s / Us- 422 E
                 2. Continue to follow 271 south
                 3. exit 18A OHIO 8 SOUTH towards Boston Heights/Akron THIS EXIT IS ON THE LEFT!
                 4. Merge onto 77south
                 5. exit 112 SHUFFEL STREET
                 6. turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                7. turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                8.  Destination on your left
I hope to hear this event sells out. 
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