Update 12:16 - And it’s official. Daniel Alfredsson signs with the Wings. 1 year, for 5.5 million.


After much consideration the long time captain of the Ottawa Senators has left the team, which has shocked all of the fans and members of the organization. He has chosen to leave via free agency which mean that the Sens get zero compensation for letting Alfie go.

The team most are saying Alfredsson is headed to is the Detroit Red Wings, who might I add, are in the Senators division next year which means Alfredsson will suit up very often against his former team. The Wings have many Swedes on their team which may appeal to Alfie, because, you know, the Sens don’t have many Swedish player cough**Zibanejad, Silfverberg, Lehner, Karlsson**cough

As of right now, the consensus among Sens fans are mixed, some happy for him and wishing him the best, and same saying “eat a d*** alfie”. But regardless, all are shocked.

I will update you with further confirmation and term when the deal officially come out.

Free Agency officially opens at 12 pm ET.


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