I don’t usually write about my own incidents, but some people would like me to expand on a photo that I retweeted on Twitter involving a sensitive issue to many. I also felt that it would be appropriate to expand on the explanation I offered when this occurred.

Two days ago, after a Blackhawks game, there was a minor uproar from a small cluster of exceedingly sensitive people on a photo that I posted from a friend, who had retweeted it. Yes, I was the third party involved but that is beside the point.

The photo in question is below.

For those not involved in this convoluted situation you probably would like to know what transpired. Well, let me break it down for you.

1)      I was going crazy after yet another Blackhawks win as per usual (clearly headed for Twitter jail, again)

2)      Soon after, a friend posts this Peanuts cartoon

3)      I immediately retweeted the photo and then put it on my Facebook account.

4)      At this point, a surplus of people reposted the photo and had a  good chuckle from it and not one single complaint about it. Why would there be?

5)      Alas, a sensitive, flamboyant attention seeker decided to point out there is a word used in that cartoon that I didn’t think twice about and neither did any of the others that enjoyed the initial hilarity of the comic created by an unknown author. Then, a small handful of his groupies decided to call me out on being homophobic. Yep, can you believe that? I guess I’d better let my gay friends know immediately.

Moving on, the only thing that irked me a bit was about this asinine move was that this guy had the capability to speak to me in private on the matter and let me know his feelings about the cartoon and talk like a real man. Instead, he attacked openly, immediately blocked all means of communication between us and ran off like a little puppy with his tail tucked between his legs. Grow up, kid.

I received a countless number of direct messages on Twitter/Facebook about this certain individual and some of the atrocious things he has done or said to them.  The hypocrisy of this person is laughable if it weren’t so unbelievably sad but I will be the better man and not stoop to calling him out publicly.

After that a few of his boisterous friends did the same thing. They came attacking rather than talking in some sort of adult manner. Instead they bellowed and blustered, telling me how I should think and what I should do. Everyone loves that, eh? Funny thing is,  I have known these people for years and they know my character. I was then subtweeted repeatedly on numerous accounts, totally vilifying me. Not one of these people even tried to have a conversation. They simply went into attack and bash mode. Explain to me how they expect that behavior to “teach a lesson”. What could have been a moment of clarification for all involved, devolved into a moment of ugliness and angry words, on both sides of the issue.  Many friends sent messages in private supporting me yet sadly, they were afraid to speak out publically. Afraid of being viciously attacked by little group of big mouths.

Was there intent by me for posting that cartoon? Damn rights there was and it was to share something that I looked at quickly and thought it was funny. I wanted to share it with other Blackhawks fans. Was it a malicious intent? A hurtful intent? Absolutely not.

Should I have thought before I acted so quickly reposting about the wording of that cartoon? Yes, and I sincerely apologize to any of those I have offended.

Interestingly enough, I had a discussion with @GayCanuck on Twitter who was initially upset with the post, however, we spoke like gentleman and we came to an understanding like adults. Interesting how someone directly involved in the matter understands my sincerity over people who are supporting the cause.

People are wondering what my stance is on this issue.

My stance is, I don’t support it nor do I frown upon it. I stay out of the entire issue altogether and just treat people how I always have, equally and fairly.

I don’t tell people what to think or what they should do as my beliefs are everyone has their right to have their own thoughts and beliefs. Those are my PERSONAL thoughts and I do not push those on anyone like we see so many do.

In ending, again, I apologize for those that I unintentionally offended on this situation and I hope you can accept my apology.

For those who cannot accept my apology, I bid you adieu.

I’m sure people will find something to pick apart on this blog and then go into their little private messaging again to amuse themselves. If that’s what they like to do, so be it.

Now I’m going to go back to being myself on social media platforms.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If anyone would like to further discuss this issue as adults, you  can speak your mind in the comment section below. Much easier rather than being limited on Twitter :)



  • http://twitter.com/7thWoman Dee Karl

    If political correctness was to infect all forms of comedy, there would be no more comedians — ever. We have become a nation of thin skinned complainers who take everything too seriously. It’s a shame. We used to have freedoms, now we have to tip toe.

  • Phillip Smithson

    Well said. The whole incident was quite surreal to see on Twitter that night. The hyper-sensitivity of society towards most everything (including satire) is truly disturbing. Satire, in the case a cartoon, is not depicting or suggesting a hate against homosexuals. It is promoting a hate towards Red Wings, and that should be considered okay because let’s face it..it is the Red Wings after-all. **Disclaimer** I have many friends who cheer for the Red Wings. I do not like them any less because of their mental deficiencies. **Disclaimer of the Disclaimer** That was an example of humor. Get over it. Cheers to you all!

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree and it’s much worse now that social platforms like Twitter/Facebook are around. A lot of people don’t mean anything by some words such as I did posting that photo yet a select few turned me into the Devil. It’s unfortunate.

  • jennariss

    thanks for addressing this tkon. i was initially put-off to see the cartoon but being a friend of yours i know that you could not have meant it with malicious intent. glad you have cleared things up for people who don’t know you as well!

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome Jenna. You know me well enough that I wouldn’t do something like that and for the ones who think I did it on purpose…don’t know me at all.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Phillip and very good points you made. I don’t know what the author had intended for that cartoon to do but my guess would be just to make fun of the Redwings like you mentioned. I can’t prove that, it’s just a guess.

  • Cara

    I think it’s a great article! It’s a shame you had to explain to adults who should know better. People joke about fat people, women, Catholics, etc. Sometimes a joke is just a joke, not an insult, not a put down. Lighten up, laugh, enjoy life and stop being so fucking serious all of the time. It’s getting to the point you can’t say anything because it will offend someone somewhere. If you actually called a gay person that, directly to that person, that would be wrong and offensive. Retweeting a funny cartoon is not. For those idiots that called you out publicly, that wanted to make themselves look like these holier than thou people, when in reality, they are purveyors of sexism, perversion, unnecessary cruelty to others, etc. So, there is no real serious loss in getting rid of them. And for the subtweeters, who gives a fuck about those particular people! They are not worth your time or energy.

  • Anonymous

    It really is a shame that I had to explain to other “adults”. Shows how some people just can’t or haven’t grown up. They live to cause trouble and controversy and that’s how they get their jollies. “Hey, let’s pick on this guy or girl and see what trouble we can stir up”.

    Good point on lightening up, you, me and most of our friends just go on Twitter to have fun and not having to think thoroughly about every fucking thing we tweet out or say.

    ” when in reality, they are purveyors of sexism, perversion, unnecessary cruelty to others, etc” <– hit it bang on with this.

    I don't miss them, I've actually wanted to dump them a long time ago but was too lazy to lift a finger to do so. Never saw their tweets as I didn't have any of them listed.

  • JMK-Hawks13

    In a society with no real issues, we create our own issues. Comedy should be a subject that gets leniency due to the fact it’s not made to be literal, but alas you can’t do or say anything without offending someone.

  • Anonymous

    Well put, JMK. Creating issues is so true and it was seen a lot when there was no hockey on. People got bored and idiots decided to start shit.

  • FiveHoleLuck

    First off I am sorry to hear you had to deal with that situation. I didn’t see the conversation (if you can even call it that), until the following morning. In regards to the whole soap opera, the level of Political Correctness we are at now is just absurd. I myself have had a run in the same people and it led me to take a couple months off of Twitter due to the anger I was feeling. As far as those people are concerned there is no way to deal with them. In a civilized world we all have opinions (and tastes) and we act civilized and tolerant in our response, respecting the opinion and tastes of others. Unfortunately with those people, if you do not share their opinion you are just flat wrong and should be condemned. Those people who chose to flog you publicly did it because it was the “cool” thing to do, not because of some deep moral belief. If you would have tweeted a picture of the Virgin Mary painted with shit, I can guarantee you would not have received an equal level of response. They probably would even defend it as “art.” Even though with me being Catholic I find that much more offensive (I hate that phrase by the way) than a silly cartoon (which frankly I giggled at). People just need to realize words are just a bunch of fucking letters and mean nothing. It is the action or intent behind how they are used that define whether it is hateful or not.

  • jules

    Everyone is hyper-sensitive to issues these days. Don’t fret any further on this matter. People who know you know better, those that scorn you are closing their minds. This is a great article, thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Jules, I appreciate that very much :)

  • cara

    I am finding that some of those that scream tolerance the loudest, are the least tolerant when it comes to anything except their particular cause. Those are the worst to attempt to talk to . Too focused on their own issue and completely devoid of any respect for anything or anyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Great response FHL. I appreciate it but you don’t have to be sorry. Some people are just out to get people and apparently this “cult” leader decided on me but it looks like you have dealt with similar. You are right about the people who attacked me, they are trolls that have no lives. I’m not worried about them b/c they’re nothing to me. I wrote this to clear it up with my real twitter friends and real personal friends.

  • Cara

    Well said! Anyone who knows him for 5 minutes knows he is not a hateful bigoted person. Those others were only out to cause drama and do their typical attention grabbing behavior.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Cara. You know me better than anyone else and I appreciate that :)

  • Nickolas

    I have no personal problem with the individual that started this incident by grand-standing it, however, the people it awoke have a long history on twitter of sanctimoniously prosylitizing their opinions. If you don’t accept the tennants of their beliefs, then you are the source of all the insecurities that have embittered them into being the “persecuted”. Unfortunately, the insecure have found self-aggrandizing muscle on an anonymous forum like twitter and look to use the same bullying and shame tactics they rally behind to build their numbers. And, invariably, by the above definition, they are lawyers. Lighten up folks.

  • cara

    Can I like this 1000x? Bullying is exactly what they practice but they act so indignant when they perceive bullying, even when there is none.

  • Cara

    So Guzman gets his “outrage” on when you post the word but still has his panties in a bunch when you blur the word that caused him to huff and puff in the first place? Such a silly silly man and his groupies. We know what he is all about lol. Let him pound his chest and stand high on his pedestal. He will find a new cause du jour and a new person to bully soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Well said, Nick. It’s a sad state really. I accept their beliefs and they’re entitled to that but the way they try to enforce it is pathetic. Power behind the keyboard yet won’t confront you in an adult manor. Why do they do that? I don’t know but my guess is that they’re very undedicated in what they are trying to fight for and can’t back it up in a civil encounter. Lighten up is great advice.

  • Anonymous

    Bingo. It’s a very small group and I don’t see a lot of those types around but this minute group is certainly like that.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that funny? There will be no right or wrong or apology acceptance on his part. I’m sure glad this world isn’t overrun by his type. He probably has several things to complain about or get his groupies in a huff. Working hard at accomplishing nothing! Also, you used the word “panties”, you’re in trouble now :P

  • who cares

    This article and the comments are so beyond idiotic that I don’t know where to begin. But I’ll try.

    This post is ridiculously passive aggressive As if no one reading this is going to know who you’re talking about. You blather on about being mature but felt the need to make a whole post about drama? Ok.

    Using the word “faggot” in any derogatory sense, “joke” or not, is NOT OKAY. AT ALL. It is considered a slur in many parts of the world and CERTAINLY in North America.

    Why is it offensive use that word as a “joke” to describe another fan? Because it promotes the idea that homosexuals or “fags” are something to joke about. This cartoon implies that “looking like a faggot” is a BAD thing. That being homosexual is something to be ashamed of. THAT’S WHY IT’S OFFENSIVE.

    We are, sadly, not at the point in humanity where it’s acceptable to use this language. Maybe one day people will be able to use that word again and not have the negative connotation attached, ,but until people like you and your “friends” stop using said word in a negative way, it’s always going to be there.

    Maybe think it through next time you want to share a “funny” cartoon. Think to yourself “is this going to offend anyone?” It’s not the responsibility of the offended to not be offended, it’s the responsibility of the poster to not POST OFFENSIVE THINGS.

  • Go away loser

    Stop preaching. People laugh at different things. Doesn’t make them bad people. Being an asshole doesn’t change opinions, maybe you and your “friends” should change tactics. How about just going away for starters?

  • Anonymous

    I find it very offensive that you call this article and comments idiotic because to me that implies that you’re calling us all idiots. That’s how I see it and that is how I take it. Is that OK? Shame on you. Hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

    Let me get this straight, you want to use those words but not in a harmful way? That is messed up. I was going to reply more in depth but after reading that, well, it’s just not worth it.

    Have a great night :)

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