Some call him a kid (idiots) and most realize he’s a man. Patrick Kane, 23, is a forward for the Chicago Blackhawks who has been widely made fun of because of incidents in his past such as the cab driver incident and excessive partying during the off-season.

Yes, Kane needs to improve his professionalism off the ice but being a young adult that is in the spotlight, more so for his highlight goals and over the top skill level, will surely turn into the professional that “everyone” expects him to be. I, for one, want the kid to just bring it every single night there’s a hockey game and be himself and keeping the partying on the down low to keep his critics silent. One has to hand it to Kane as he doesn’t let any of these fans/media who are desperate for him to do something stupid so they have something to talk or write about and he keeps on playing at a high level night in and night out.

To the people who think Patrick Kane should be traded for some Tom, Dick or Harry just for the hell of making a trade, let us remember what Kane has brought to this Chicago Blackhawks franchise.

How about this Stanley Cup winning goal? Remember this?

Here’s one where Kane undresses Jimmy Howard.

This could be the most sick of all his goals.

Anyone remember his first career hat trick that just happened to be against the Canucks in the WCSF?

Shit, the “kid” can pass, too?

Here’s a nice compilation of Kane courtesy of BauerHockey. Some repeats from above.

To top it all off, here’s a video showing how fun these Blackhawks past & present are.

  • Cara

    I love Kane and I agree, he’s a man not a kid, but he’s in a unique situation that most of us don’t find ourselves in. He has fame and lots of money and everyone wants to be his friend. BUT he’s also a role model and represents a business. Most companies that are in the pubic eye have some type of clause that basically states, don’t embarrass us or bring negative attention toward us or you will face consequences. He has to realize that goes with the fame and money. Notoriety isn’t free. Far too much attention is given to his “activities” rather than his performance, but again, he brings that on himself. Hard lesson to learn, but hopefully maturity, not age, will help him learn sooner rather than later.

  • Anonymous

    I love this: “Notoriety isn’t free”. Great point on how people need to represent their companies in the public eye in a professional manor like I currently do and you and many others as well. I hope his maturity evolves, too. He’s a young adult and I’m sure it will come.

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