I always love when you can apply a hockey players name to a conversation.



Yesterday Brandon Dubinsky did a quick twitter “Q and A” session.  In case you missed it here’s the recap.





Thanks Brandon! Columbus fans always enjoy a good Twitter “Q and A” session. I’m hoping to see more in the future.


Here’s to the moms who traded in their high heeled shoes for little boy skates.
To the moms who moved across the country to make dreams come true.
Here’s to the moms who gave up girls nights to go to hockey games.
To the moms who sent their babies across the sea.
To the moms who traded manicures for hockey pads, pampering for driving smelly equipment and children from practice to practice.
Here’s to the moms who cheer for every goal, yell at every ref, and boo the opposing team.
To the moms who unselfishly sacrificed every moment of every day to help make a dream come true.
Here’s to the toughest, sweetest women around.
The Hockey Moms.

There is no doubt in my mind that it takes a special person to love and nurture a hockey player. Every season we are blessed enough to here stories of how much parents sacrifice to ensure the happiness of their children. Their kids dreams become their dreams. Every year hockey parents across the world unselfishly send their kids thousands of miles away to elite hockey programs. To let your highschooler live in another state, country and continent all for a dream shows the amount of trust you have. Not just in your child but in your child’s dream. Then there are the parents who without a thought pack all their belongings and move with their children. They just leave behind every thing they know, everyone they know, and all the things they have worked so hard for in life. They leave it all behind because they believe. They believe in a dream. These parents have molded hard working, dedicated and caring men. Today I thank all of the hockey moms for providing us with men who play the best sport in the world. Hockey.

Today’s tweet show the amount of respect NHL players have for their moms, grandmas, sisters, and wives.

Love those hockey moms :) If I’ve missed any tweets feel free to let me know.








The next time I have a bad day I will remind myself of Alzner’s tweet. As if losing a playoff game in triple overtime wasn’t bad enough imagine coming home to a torn up house. Now imagine trying to yell at those dogs and not being able to because they are so darn cute. Which can mean only one thing the capitals are going to have to stop going into overtime. It seems as though no dog crate is strong enough to keep those two from busting loose and creating mass havoc.









Hello battle wounds. Sami how many girls did you pick up with that nasty beast? You would have had me at “O this? This is nothing. Just stopped a shot from going in the goal. No big deal.” To bad sacrificing your beautiful body didn’t move the Blackhawks onto the next round of playoffs. We miss you in Columbus. Please come home.









Cam Cam Cam. Always fraternizing with the enemy. While most fans would be upset that Cam likes to kick it with members of the opposing team, I on the other hand am ok with that fact. Why? I noticed a little trend. Whenever Cam hangs out with “the enemy” they end up not playing the next game. Hugs Methot in the elevator: out with a groin injury. Takes Quick out to dinner: doesn’t start. In goalie terms that usually means you’re not playing. Goes out to dinner with Jimmy Hayes: healthy scratch. I think Cam Atkinson is the key to the Columbus Blue Jackets success next season. Cam, Keep on going out with the enemy. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. ;)



Brandon Bollig’s tweet shows the love hockey players have for their fans. From what I’ve read about Jimmy he was a fighter. In December 2011, Newcomer was diagnosed with Bile duct cancer and by January was given only a few weeks to live. Jimmy lived five months longer than expected and in the process stole the hearts of a few Blackhawks players. Ben Smith paid a visit to Jimmy two days before he was sent up to the Blackhawks. While there he was informed by Jimmy that he was too ill to attend his first Blackhawks game. Being such a kind soul Smith offered to sit with Jimmy the night of the game. Little did Smith know he was about to get the break of a lifetime and was sent up to the big show. Unfortunately that meant he could not fulfill the promise he made. Instead of saying, “sorry my job calls” Smith called upon his fellow Ice Hogs, Jimmy’s family and Jimmy’s friends to take his place. Later on the Ice Hogs organized a fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse where they raised over $10,000 dollars to help with hospital expenses.
People tend to forget that hockey players have feelings. They think they can tweet horrid things to players and run their name through the mud. Yet, this situation proves what big hearts some players have. They are people just like us. They have problems and they lose people they love. Stick taps to Ben Smith, Brandon Bollig and the Ice Hogs organization for making the last few months of Jimmy Newcomers life a little bit more tolerable. My hearts and prayers go out to the the Newcomer family. Stay strong. You’ve got a whole family of hockey love.



Now I’m sure some of you are a little misty eyed thinking about the story above so I’ll move on to something a little bit more light hearted. When I say light hearted I really mean hilarious. Now I bring you Gabe Landeskog’s singing. What could be more Swedish than singing ABBA songs? Nothing. Go ahead and rock your heritage. Gabe, I’m sorry but you have been voted off American Idol. Grab your things and head back to Colorado.


Click here to experience the joy of Gabe Landeskog singing ABBA. Be still my heart.










If more men thought about the duck face the way Ryan Whitney does there would be a lot of single ladies in the world. In fact, there would probably be no Jersey Shore babies on the verge of being born. LAdies, The duckface is unattractive. Your face may look thinner but you look like an ugly duckling. Thank you Ryan for proving that there are men out there who think the duckface is quite unattractive.


Dustin Penner I like you but if there is the slightest possibility you are going to dress up in that outfit I will hate you until the cows come home. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. No, I lied, don’t hate the game. I love hockey and probably more than I should. If I could marry hockey I would.











You’re judging me right now. I know. I’m a pretty girl so you have to give me a break. Cam Atkinson’s dogs are adorable. I want to dog nap that white little ball of fluff. Why? The dog looks like a total shit. You know, the type of dog that eats your underwear and then gives you kisses so you can’t be mad. I really just want to take it’s face in my hands, speak in the Jenna Marbles baby voice and say “you’re a cute little shit aren’t you? you little shit you. yes you are.”










When it comes to his fans, Hartnell has a heart bigger than his hair. How many times do kids write their favorite player and never know if they got the letter or not. Well, if you are a fan of Hartnell at some point he has probably tweeted a letter or a drawing you sent him. It’s nice to know there are players out there who are willing to let their fans know they appreciate them.


Over the past season there has been twitter gold from players around the NHL. Ranging from touching to hilarious to full on shenanigans, twitter has made me fall more in love with players across the league. Obviously, I feel the need to scour Twitter for NHL tweets of the week. These will be brought to you every Saturday. Unfortunately, this past weekend I became a little obsessed with the Stanley Cup to put my full heart into this post. ENJOY!


As if Gabe Landeskog wasn’t cute enough he goes and tweets about helping the elderly. If I had seen a guy take the cap off of a bottle of apple juice for a random elderly couple I’d shamelessly throw myself at him. There is just something about random acts of kindness that make my heart swoon. Many men could learn from this tweet.


Lately I’ve seen something rather disturbing. I feel as though my whole world is flipped upside down. What I’ve seen is a budding romance between two NHL twitter accounts. Quite frankly I didn’t see coming. Alas, there is a twitter love affair between the real LA Kings and the real Columbus Blue Jackets. I thought the Blue Jackets and the Kings were mortal enemies after the “clock gate” incident.



Speaking of the Columbus Blue Jackets. R.J. Umberger posted this video on his twitter in an attemp to procure NHL13 cover votes. Why you ask? Because he’s Umby Dammit! Do you really need any more of a reason? No, that’s what I thought. Now, this is the part where I would tell you to “GO VOTE FOR HIM RIGHT NOW!!” but I dropped the ball and posted this too late. Hopefully Umby makes it to the next round. If that happens I’ll write a gushing lovey dovey post about the one and only RJ Umberger.

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