Welcome to Day 3 of Movember!!!

Yesterday I said I was only going to write about people I know who have battled cancer. Today I changed my mind. I have a passion for hockey. There is a man we all need to keep in our thoughts during this month. Two days ago Oklahoma City Barons defenseman, Brandon Davidson, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Davidson started out playing for the Regina Pats in 2009. With +15 and 33 assists Davidson was named “Rookie of the year” in his first season with the Pats.  He then was drafted by the Oilers in the sixth round of the 2010 draft. Instead of going to the AHL he finished his three year contract with the Pats. The 2012-2013 season was to be his first season playing on a professional level. This season was his chance to break out and make “Brandon Davidson” a household name. It was his chance to make it to the big show. Then cancer had to be a jerk and try to end his dream. Note, I said try.  As a hockey family we have to stand together and fight against anyone who gets in the way of our dreams. Together we can help put an end to cancer just by donating a dollar or two to help end this disease. You can donate to my team here or you can donate to Movember in general. Regardless of what you do please help make Brandon Davidson a household name. Bring up his career in casual conversation. Most importantly don’t forget to cheer Brandon Davidson on through this battle. Give him support. Show him love.

 I don’t have any words of wisdom from Brandon Davidson but I’m going to give a few to him These words don’t come from me. They come from a man I once worked with who goes by the name of Wags. “If Lance Armstrong can beat cancer 6 times you can make cancer your b***h”.

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