Tonight is the 85th annual Academy Awards. We all have our opinions on who should win and who shouldn’t. I’d give you my opinion but this is a hockey blog. Therefore, I bring you the opinions of the Columbus Blue Jackets as told in interviews on Fox Sports Ohio.

Best Actor

Matt Calvert’s Pick:  Bradley Cooper

James Wisniewski’s Pick: Daniel Day Lewis

Cody Goloubef’s Pick: Denzel Washington

Colton Gillies’ Pick: Hugh Jackman. Why? In Colton’s words “He’s a stud”

Team Consensus: Denzel Washington


Best Actress

If it were up to the Blue Jackets Jennifer Lawrence would not only win “Best Actress” but she would also win “Hottest Chick Alive”. At least they have good taste.


Best Picture

Cody Goloubef and James Wisniewski’s Pick: Zero Dark Thirty

Matt Calvert’s Pick: Argo

Colton Gillies’ Pick: Les Miserables. I think the best part about this pick is the fact he epically failed at mispronouncing “Les Miserables”. Oh Colton Gillies you silly “Big Manchild” you. lol

Team Consensus: Django Unchained


I personally think they are all wrong on who will win ;-) Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand, I agree, is hot.


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