The University of Akron Ice Hockey team is back at it again. On January 11th UofA Ice Hockey will play host to the Cleveland Mighty Barons Sled Hockey team. That’s right,  the boys will trade their skates for sleds in a fundraiser game to benefit both teams. This game is one of the 2013 must see games of the year. Imagine a group of guys who have skated their whole lives trying to go toe to toe with a group of kids who have more than likely never put on a pair of skates. Instead of ice skates there are sleds. Instead of one stick to shoot with there will be two sticks that you have to use to steady yourself, steer yourself, and shoot the puck with. This will be a humbling and inspiring experience for the UofA hockey team.

Here is what I ask of you. Come out and pack the Ice Complex. Make the Cleveland Mighty Barons feel like rockstars. Cheer loudly. Help make this a long lasting memory for these kids.

Puck drops at 8:40 pm on Friday January 11th at the Ice Complex in North Canton, Ohio. Admission is by donation and the profit will be split between the two team. Please consider donating generously. Sleds cost around $600 a piece and ice time doesn’t come cheap. Help these boys continue to live out their hockey playing dreams.


The Center Ice Sports Complex is located at 8319 Port Jackson Ave. NW, North Canton, Ohio 44720

Come on down and as an added bonus you get to hear me sing the National Anthem ;-)


The month of October seems to be the month of Hope for the University of Akron Ice Hockey Club. This past week they focused on their hope to end bullying. Coincidentally enough Hope is the the name of the girl who lit the fire of change within the heart of the team. This week they focus on the Hope to find a cure for breast cancer.


Hungry Howies and the University of Akron Hockey have teamed up with each other to raise funds for Breast cancer research. On Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th they are urging fans to wear pink to the rink. If you forget to wear pink no worries. You can buy this nifty shirt for 15.99 at the game.  Proceeds go to the foundation. We all know someone who has battled with some form of cancer. We all know the emotional, mental, and physical pain that comes with the battle. So why not take in a hockey game, munch on some baked goods, and wear an awesome “Love, Hope,  and Pizza” shirt all for the Hope of finding a cure for cancer. How can you say no? You can’t! Come on out and support these inspiring men. This team doesn’t have to stand for anything. They could just go about their business, play hockey, and not stand for anything. Fortunately, this team stands for everything good. Stick taps to the University of Akron Ice Hockey Club.


Who: University of Akron Ice Hockey

When: Friday October 12th at 9:05 pm ( vs. Cincinatti)

Saturday October 13th at 4:05 pm (vs. Dayton)

Why: In the words of my friend Aaron Michael Coleman “Do the honorable thing”

Cost: $5

Where: Center Ice Sports Complex

                Directions from the University of Akron:
                 1. Route 8s
                 2. Merge onto I-77 s
                 3.  Exit 112 SHUFFEL ST
                 4. Turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                 5. Turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                 6. Destination on your left





Go Zips


Don’t forget to support Hungry Howies for supporting these amazing men!

 Massillon Road 241 is 330-899-9993

 Portage Road is 330-305-1318.

Thank you so much!!!




The University of Akron’s ice hockey team is taking their stance on bullying. In a day in age where bullying is at an all-time high the team is fighting back. They are sticking up for those who have been bullied and trying to give them happy memories.  On Saturday  October 6th the UofA hockey squad is going to have Hope Holcomb as their Honorary Puck Dropper. Hope is a beautiful 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately this lovely little girl has been experiencing some ugly actions. As if riding the bus home from school isn’t bad enough Hope has been getting teased because she has Cerebral Palsy. To make matters even worse a father picking up his son from the bus stop has joined in on the bullying by mocking Hope. Stories like these make me sad but what the UofA hockey team plans on doing makes my soul smile. The team posted this on their Facebook page earlier this week :

We are going to make this little angel SMILE again! This Saturday Hope is going to Eric N Popovich Bella Sera and Pizzeria and Ristorante for a Pizza Party with her FRIENDS and Family at 12:00pm then she is going to come up to Center Ice Sports Complex and she will be our Honorary Puck Dropper for Saturday afternoon game at 4:05pm. It will be the University of Akron Hockey Team vs John Carrol University! I am asking everyone to PLEASE come and so your support for this little Angel! I just want to show Hope its ok we are all here for you!!! 

These men make me proud to say I went to the University of Akron.  So please come on out to the Center Ice Sports Complex on Saturday and take a stand against bullying.  Show Hope Holcomb and all those who have been bullied that you stand with them. It’s time to put the “Fear of the Roo” into bullies.
Who: University of Akron vs John Carroll
When: Saturday October 6th 2012 at 4:05 pm
Cost: Tickets: $5
             Getting to make a bullied child smile again: PRICELESS
Where: Center Ice Sports Complex
                Directions from the University of Akron:
                 1. Route 8s
                 2. Merge onto I-77 s
                 3.  Exit 112 SHUFFEL ST
                 4. Turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                 5. Turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                 6. Destination on your left
              Directions from John Carroll
                 1. Take I-271 s / Us- 422 E
                 2. Continue to follow 271 south
                 3. exit 18A OHIO 8 SOUTH towards Boston Heights/Akron THIS EXIT IS ON THE LEFT!
                 4. Merge onto 77south
                 5. exit 112 SHUFFEL STREET
                 6. turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                7. turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                8.  Destination on your left
I hope to hear this event sells out. 
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