I reckon the big draft party is over for this time. Well, of course there will be some trades during the season, but that’s a later thing to deal with.

I have to admit though that my heart and inner jumps up and down when such things happen like Ilya Kovalchuk is braking his contract for going back to Russia and join KHL instead. Not because of the KHL or so, but because these kind of happenings stir around the pot for sure and shake up the hockey world a bit…. well, all right then, a lot. I want more of this no matter what team or what player. I just want more trade or draft bombs that I feel that me also the rest of you people are alive.

Ok…I show the face…. I am even laughing loudly. No offense to New Jersey Devils at all, I like the team very much and I went through myself this kind of thing when Gretzky went to LA Kings, so I can understand a bit how the fans might feel.

But hey…come on dear fellows! Life goes on in one-way or another. I am quite sure that Devils will find a way to reach to the top and win Stanley cup. It might take awhile, but they will be there. Mark my words my dear friend…mark my words.

Although, I couldn’t help myself to feel a bit concerned about where has the joy for the game went? Is it totally gone? Well, not really I hope, but it is quite concerning that a lot of people take this game a bit too seriously or even life too seriously. Yes, I read through a big part of the comments when it was confirmed that Kovalchuk is going to leave NHL for KHL.  Someone even wanted him dead; that he should joined Yaroslavl already 2010. The same team where everyone died in a plane crash.  Come on, what’s that really for Christ sake?

Hockey players will always do this. They will go to another club and/or a league from time to time. That’s how it is and that’s something we all have to just…accept and respect also. If we can’t do the later, what’s the point to be involved in hockey or sport at all?

What is hockey for you? I am asking you my dear reader.

I can only speak for myself that for me hockey is just pure joy. Sure, my favorite teams are not winning every year, quite far from that position. Edmonton Oilers further away from a Stanley cup final than a camel from water, but I still like the team. Finland is not winning the world championship or any other tournament every year. And I like a lot of other teams as well that I can feel sympathy for them and wish them the best luck in the world.

Hockey is also about memories for me. Parts from the past tournaments I can think back with joy and some nostalgia, like the first medal Finland won ever. Calgary Olympics 1988 where they just had to beat the “impossible” Soviet Union, which they did. Soviet Union won the gold anyway, but that was THE GAME of all that brought Finland the first medal, a shiny silver thing hanging around the neck, not a tightrope.

That’s quite something, right?

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.


/Arto Palovaara, from Arena Kalevala and Betsafe  Connecting the worldwide hockey family closer to each other by telling stories from the Finnish SM-liiga and national teams. 








Source of picture: France24.com

The economic result from the last world championship that went in Finland & Sweden is on the table. While the Finnish hockey association were successful and earned several million euros, the Swedish side had a loss between 20-25 million SEK, which is pretty much -if only say 20 million – about 2 882 342,77 US dollar.

Perhaps for an NHL team organization or for anyone else it is not that much money really but a hockey association it is. I think it is just sad and I don’t wish that anyone.  Not sure how they will cover that up, but I hope actually that they will find something.

So, what to do? Should we skip the World championship in the future?

Well, first of all I think we have to be honest to our selves. For some of you it might sound just harsh, but if look our selves in the mirror: Hockey is not that global, as some people like to think that it is. It is just silly to compare a world known soccer star to…Ovechkin or Crosby. They don’t mean anything to a guy in Australia, China or South Africa. Perhaps there might be some odd fellow who is watching hockey from a flat screen that is hanging down from a branch somewhere in the outback’s or just sitting an awkward pub in Melbourne alone front of the TV with a pint of beer in his hands.

But mention the name Leo Messi you will notice that most people around the world will recognize that name.

With other words, there is a lot to do for the hockey family to achieve that fame level as the soccer or basketballs players have. Don’t get me wrong though, I think myself hockey is the best sport in the world and I really wish that it shall expand more, until that point that there is proper leagues all over the entire world. “We” are not just there yet. That’s fact and we have to face it.

Maybe it might be unnecessary to compare and in general it is. But it has to be said as well. Hockey is absolutely number 1 in Finland. In Sweden it is not despite that they have won a lot more Championships all time than Finland have. Furthermore, the Finnish fans are obviously prepared to pay the ticket fee, while in Sweden a lot of people wont.

I don’t know really how much people in USA and Canada care about World championship for national teams. Might depend whom am I asking? If not, it is reasonable because at the moment: there is nothing bigger or equal to the Stanley cup. That’s another fact.

So, perhaps we really have to look some alternative solutions for the national team tournaments where the absolute best players are involved? We have the Olympics and the World cup is back again soon. That’s something to build on I think.

Would it be a good idea to have World cup every year or every second year when it is not Olympics? Should only one country at the time arrange the tournament or should it be played in every country that is qualified in the tournament?

That’s some of the questions I throw out to everyone who knows better than I do.

Other questions I toss in the air to people with deeper insights than I have:

How to connect the worldwide hockey family closer to each other? How to expand the game to places where hockey is more or less unknown or at least very odd? Also at the same time keep up the good work in those countries where hockey is strong?

We have to remember that hockey is luxury for a lot of people nowadays, even in countries like Finland and Sweden. The equipment is too expensive for many. Which is pity. How to reach around that obstacle?

To the last:

I love myself national team tournaments, if it is World cup, World championship or whatever they are called. It’s a joy to hear the Swiss fans or other fans chanting before, during and after the games and feel the atmosphere from the surrounding. It’s a true hockey party.

And I’d like to experience hockey parties the rest of my life that everyone can join in. So there lays a great responsibility on people including us who are writing about hockey to invite those who are not or who might not have afford with it at the moment.

There’s something for the NHL, KHL and IIHF together with every other national hockey association to deal with and hopefully corporate better in the future somehow to make it happen.

/Arto Palovaara, from Arena Kalevala at Betsafe

Connecting the worldwide hockey family closer to each other by telling stories from the Finnish SM-liiga and national teams.

Ps. a reminder for us that hockey is not after all exactly everything, from my part, my condolences to the family of Kristians Perss. Perss who has been found in Daugava River, Latvia. Rest in peace Kristians Ds.






Around three weeks ago friends/fans from other NHL teams brought up two things to me based on what they have seen on twitter. One theory I tested and one I paid attention to. One their perception was totally wrong and the other their perception seems to be right. So today’s edition of perception vs reality covers “Favoritism” and “Fighting”.



As we all know perception and reality very rarely match up. So when a few non cbj fans asked me how I came to be a “favorite” of the Jackets Organization I was a bit perplexed. I’m not a designated “community leader” but since I’ve become a fan of the CBJ back in 2011 they have supported my writing and have recognized me multiple times. Partially because I’m constantly putting that bug in their ear that I’m right there in front of them. With that being said I took three weeks off of writing and rarely tweeted about the Blue Jackets. During those three weeks the Blue Jackets twitter never mentioned me and didn’t follow Friday me. Why? Because I didn’t talk about the Jackets and when I did it got lost in the abyss of tweets.

If you’re serious about being recognized you have to put yourself out there. The CBJ media relations team does not have all day to sit around and sift through every single tweet. They are doing their best and people need to calm down a little. This is new territory for sports teams. No other team in any other  league communicates with their fans the way CBJ social media does. We have to be patient with them. Imagine 3-5 people trying to respond to fans, write articles about the team, and make sure the media is up and running. It’s time consuming and with a shortened season their main focus is getting information about the players/organization out there. Eventually they have time to focus on fan interaction.  Some of your tweets probably get lost when we blow up everyone’s timeline during a game or CBJ related event . We are loud, proud, and some find us annoying. So in an attempt to not let your voice get lost in the crowd every Friday I will post a Follow Friday spot light on Crash The Net. Fans have to help each other out. I know there are awesome Blue Jackets fans who are getting lost in the crowd and I want to find you.

With that being said I want to remind you of a few things. If you’re going to be consistently negative, don’t consistently tweet about the team, have a potty mouth, and are rude to other fans the Blue Jackets cannot tweet you out. They are an organization with an image to uphold. You could say it’s “just twitter” but to the Blue Jackets it’s also business.



*Disclaimer: I am not attacking anybody. I know I’m not 100% innocent either.*

I’ve had multiple people ask me why the Blue Jackets fan base fights so much. I didn’t believe them so I took a step back and observed.

We are all fans. We should work together. When we walk through that door it doesn’t matter who we are, what clothes we wear, how we walk, or how we talk. What matters is we are all jackets fans. This should also carry into twitter. I’m not saying we have to be friends. I’m saying we have to start respecting each other a bit more. I get that each of us have different views on the team and how it should be run. We aren’t always going to agree with each other. Most of us on twitter are adults and we need to start acting like it. If you do not agree with someone you could do one of two things: Ignore it or try to create a nice healthy dialogue. What you should not do is jump down their throat, attack them, or subtweet about them. Over the past three weeks I’ve seen this time and time again. If you don’t like what someone has to say then unfollow them. If they keep harassing you then block them. We should be saving our anger and hatred for the other teams. So for the sake of the Blue Jackets lets be cordial with each other.


I hope we can all learn to sacrifice hate for the love of the Columbus Blue Jackets.





On this day 26 years ago in Indianapolis a very important document was signed. A document that would forever change the history of Ohio. The birth certificate of John Joseph Louis Johnson the third, Captain of the United States of America. Who knew this little bundle of joy would grow up to lead the US to victory upon victory?  What’s even more shocking is the fever that has overtaken Ohio. So much love for a man from the University of Michigan. Ludicrous I say, ludicrous. Today we salute you, Captain America. May you celebrate your birthday with the same gusto with which you celebrate your goals. Happy Birthday Jack Johnson!!



The University of Akron’s ice hockey team is taking their stance on bullying. In a day in age where bullying is at an all-time high the team is fighting back. They are sticking up for those who have been bullied and trying to give them happy memories.  On Saturday  October 6th the UofA hockey squad is going to have Hope Holcomb as their Honorary Puck Dropper. Hope is a beautiful 10 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately this lovely little girl has been experiencing some ugly actions. As if riding the bus home from school isn’t bad enough Hope has been getting teased because she has Cerebral Palsy. To make matters even worse a father picking up his son from the bus stop has joined in on the bullying by mocking Hope. Stories like these make me sad but what the UofA hockey team plans on doing makes my soul smile. The team posted this on their Facebook page earlier this week :

We are going to make this little angel SMILE again! This Saturday Hope is going to Eric N Popovich Bella Sera and Pizzeria and Ristorante for a Pizza Party with her FRIENDS and Family at 12:00pm then she is going to come up to Center Ice Sports Complex and she will be our Honorary Puck Dropper for Saturday afternoon game at 4:05pm. It will be the University of Akron Hockey Team vs John Carrol University! I am asking everyone to PLEASE come and so your support for this little Angel! I just want to show Hope its ok we are all here for you!!! 

These men make me proud to say I went to the University of Akron.  So please come on out to the Center Ice Sports Complex on Saturday and take a stand against bullying.  Show Hope Holcomb and all those who have been bullied that you stand with them. It’s time to put the “Fear of the Roo” into bullies.
Who: University of Akron vs John Carroll
When: Saturday October 6th 2012 at 4:05 pm
Cost: Tickets: $5
             Getting to make a bullied child smile again: PRICELESS
Where: Center Ice Sports Complex
                Directions from the University of Akron:
                 1. Route 8s
                 2. Merge onto I-77 s
                 3.  Exit 112 SHUFFEL ST
                 4. Turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                 5. Turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                 6. Destination on your left
              Directions from John Carroll
                 1. Take I-271 s / Us- 422 E
                 2. Continue to follow 271 south
                 3. exit 18A OHIO 8 SOUTH towards Boston Heights/Akron THIS EXIT IS ON THE LEFT!
                 4. Merge onto 77south
                 5. exit 112 SHUFFEL STREET
                 6. turn LEFT onto SHUFFEL ST NW
                7. turn RIGHT onto PORT JACKSON AVE NW
                8.  Destination on your left
I hope to hear this event sells out. 

What could possibly be better than hockey players tweeting pictures of their dogs, cats, or children? Most would say “Nothing is better.” I say “False there Is one thing better”


O cam cam what would we do with out you? Whenever I’m having a bad day I can almost always count on Cam Atkinson posting a picture of one of his beloved dogs. Today, oh today, was much different. He posted a picture of his new pet pig. Sometimes the man makes my brain turn into mush from all the cuteness he posts.

So Now I bring to you the new love of cam’s life “Francis Bacon”



This is my obligatory lockout post. I’ve stayed out of this long enough. Now I’m just flustered and have a lot of stuff to say. Everyone is freaking out about a season that may not happen. Note I said “may not” happen. It’s not september 15th yet. Anything can happen. The probability that there will be no lockout is far greater than the Cubs chances at winning a world series. As God as my witness if there is no 2012-2013 NHL season then the Chicago Cubs will win the world series in 2013. That’s right I said it. Enjoy my thoughts on the lockout. Well I have a feeling I’m going to incite a riot with a few of the things I have to say.


Hurts more than just the players and the owners

A lockout will not just put the players and owners to out of a job. Technically they won’t be out of a job. Players can go overseas and play if they want. Owners will still make money even if their team doesn’t play. What about the ticket sellers, the ushers, the custodial workers? What about the vendors, the bartenders ? What about the ice girls, the mascots, the stadium Djs? They are all going to lose a job or not get paid.  I have heard that some people working within the organizations will still have a job. They will just have a different role in the organization for the length of the lock out. I don’t know if that goes for everyone. If I worked for the organization I would be scared for my job. This is about more than just the players and the owners. You are playing with the lives of those who are struggling to pay the rent or put food on the table. I don’t know the players. I don’t know the owners. Maybe they know all of this. Maybe they don’t. I just hope these people are in their thoughts as they negotiate.


Players going overseas

I know how bad you want to continue playing hockey. Believe me when I say I know not having a job stinks. I do wonder one thing. Why wouldn’t you stay and fight for the end of a lockout. You have waited your whole life to play in the best league in the world. When the first sign of struggle comes along you flee? I don’t get that. If I had my dream job and something was getting in the way of it I would fight until there was no fight left in me. By going overseas during the lockout you are sending the message that you don’t want this as bad as the fans want the end of a lockout. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you can fight for your team while playing in another league but I have to believe that would be hard. With all the training, practicing, games and traveling I do not see it being easy to put forth your ideas to making the lockout come to an end. I’d rather you stay here and train your butt off  than go overseas and leave us fans behind.



I know people are moaning and groaning about how players might be able to collect unemployment. If a player is making anywhere between 1 million and the league minimum I’m ok with it. Why? You have to think about how much everything costs. Trainers, security, housing in a safe place, nutrition specialists, and equipment. None of that comes cheap.


My Solutions:

These are just a few solutions I could see working.  Clearly there are a lot of things that need to be done and I’m just a lowly writer who is not involved in these negotiations. I want a season so I’m throwing my two cents into the mix.


Pay cut:
Everyone making over 6 million dollars a year should take a pay cut. This includes owners, the commissioner, coaches, players, everyone. If money is an issue taking a pay cut should be one of the options on your list. If your team is not meeting it’s goals you shouldn’t be making the amount of money you do. Isn’t that how the “real” life works? You don’t meet your goals you lose your job or take a pay cut.

After this season No more crazy contracts. I don’t care how bad you want to win. A star player doesn’t always make for a star team. There is also this thing called chemistry. You can’t buy chemistry. You can try, it may work, but more than likely it will not. If a player wants to play for you they will come play for you. If a team wants you to play for them they will provide what is necessary. Note I said “what is necessary”. Not “what will keep you in your mercedes benz”.  Some of the contracts this summer were completely unnecessary. You’re not going to make money by shelling out that much money. You have to give a little to get a little but you also have to make sure you don’t end up with a losing team.


No player should be allowed to have contracts over 5 years. You want job security then play hard, win games. That’s the nature of the beast. That’s what it’s like in the real world. No one knows what the future will bring. You could get hurt and never be able to come back. Now you are just eating away at the teams money. It sounds cold I know. I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound cold. It’s just a harsh reality.


Sit down and figure out a money saving realignment. Get the realignment to a point where the teams are not constantly traveling. Work the schedule out so you can take the bus out to the nearest team. It worked in the past maybe It’s time to make it work again. A team in Columbus shouldn’t constantly be flying out to the west coast all the time and barely seeing anyone on the east coast. It’s silly that Columbus, Chicago and Detroit only plays Pittsburgh and Ottawa once a year. When they are close enough to play multiple times a year.

This one pains me the most to say since I would definitely be affected by the outcome. If you don’t have at least 80% of your seats sold by a certain date your game should be blacked out from the surrounding area. How else are people going to be motivated to get their butts to a game. It works in football, I think it could work in the NHL. There is no reason why there should be empty seats at playoff games. I’m looking at you Detroit Red Wings, Phoenix Coyotes, and Florida Panthers. When I went to the round 1 game 3 Detroit vs Nashville at Joe Louis Arena there were many empty seats. Not just that but there were people buying tickets the day of the playoff game. You should be sold out. Especially in Hockey Town. Come on fans.


Stop raising ticket prices

Fans are not going to come to games if you keep raising ticket prices. Especially if you are doubling prices. Now the owners are going to tell me they need to pay their players. Well maybe you should have thought about that before you shelled out 8 million dollars for a player who isn’t performing at their best.


Fans if you want to help revenue. You HAVE to go to games. I’m not saying you have to sit in the most expensive seats but you have to go to the games. Sit in the nosebleeds. Buy season tickets. At least from the stand point of the Columbus Blue Jackets through out the season you can get special ticket packs. There are green seats for $10 if you get to the game early enough to buy them. If you love the team you have to find a way to the arena. This also falls on the fans.


Fans Convert People

We all know people who don’t like hockey, don’t understand it, or don’t even know what it is. Start small take them to a local high school game. I took my friend Jim to the St Eds vs  St Ignatius game and he was hooked. You have to look for opportunities to create a fire of passion in future fans. Take them to games with special offers. For example: This past February there was a tweet up at the Blue Jackets game. Afterwards you could meet and talk to James Wisniewski. If they see and talk to a player they will likely make a connection. Then you have a fan who wants to come to more games.

Bring people to free events like Front Street Fridays, Open Houses, and Bartending night.

Be welcoming to new fans. I’m not saying you have to be friends you just have to be nice. Which since I’ve moved down here I’ve seen is like pulling teeth. Listen to what new people have to say. Branch outside of your bubble. You will find people with common interests and you have thus made someone new feel comfortable in their new surrounding.

Owners , managers, coaches and players put yourself out there in the community.

Owners you want people to come to your games and buy your merch right? Well put yourself out there in the community. I mean really put yourself out there. Go to all of your kids games. Go to functions of those who you employ. Get involved in your local neighborhood. Volunteer at the local shelter. Shop at local stores and restaurants. Not just the ones located around the arena and around your house. I’m not saying sacrifice your privacy. Everyone deserves their privacy. Just put yourself out there in a way that will make people remember you.  Maybe even go so far as to stand by the doors on game night every once in a while and greet fans. Welcome them into “Your House”. Show the fans how much you appreciate them. If a fan feels appreciated they will come to games and more than likely bring people along for the ride.



I know these sound a little silly but we all know every little bit helps. I believe these things  could help prevent future lockouts.







Four days later and I still get teary thinking about the tragic events of Friday. Never in my life did I think I would cry over someone I’ve never met or had “real contact” with. This time was different for me. I even find myself choking up as I write this post. Jessica Redfield was one of the people who got me into sports writing. My Grandpa Donley, a high school football coach, always tried to convince me to write about sports. Which always made me laugh because my Grandpa thought women did not have much of a place in the wide world of sports. Kelly, one of my best guy friends, has always supported my dreams. No offense to them, they are wonderful men, their words of encouragement didn’t light me on fire like it should have. There’s just something to be said about watching another woman flourish in a career you’ve wanted since you were little.

In the 2nd grade we went around the room answering that age old question : What do you want to be when you grow up?

“Police Man”
“Michael Jordan”

My Turn: ” Triple Threat. I want to sing, act and write.”

As I got older people began to ask, “What kind of writer do you want to be?”

Me: “Musicals, books and SPORTS”

*Cue Laughter* “Oh, but honey you’re a girl”.


I found out at a young age the stigma that goes along with being a girl interested in sports. I was always laughed at for my dreams. I let it defeat me a little.

Fast forward to stumbling upon a red headed, sassy, Texan with a big heart. Jessica wrote with such beauty, flair and passion. Jessica wrote what she loved. She was an honest writer. She didn’t know everything about hockey. What Jessica did know she shared with everyone. If she was wrong she accepted it, grew from it and let it shape her as a writer. “Fear of what people think” is not a statement I would ever use to describe Jessica. I tend not to ask for help when I have a problem or a question. I’ve always been afraid of what people would think of me for not knowing the answer. Not Jessica. On July 18th, 2012 she had no problem asking all of twitter to help her understand AHL/ECHL contracts. ” If a minor league player signs contract in the ECHL could he break that contract if an AHL team in a different system wants him? Minor leagues are developmental leagues, so there should be clauses in contracts that allow you to move up, right?” Jessica accepted each answer and thanked everyone for their help. Moments like this one made me want to be a better writer. Made me want to be a more confident person and writer. She didn’t care what people thought. She wrote what she loved. She wrote what she knew. All good writers do. They write what they know. They write with their heart and soul.

So now here I sit, practically in tears over a bright star who burnt out far too soon. I have no words of my own that could describe who Jessica was to everyone. I have no more words to describe the pain I feel. All I can think of is my favorite quote from the television show “One Tree Hill”. The bold words are the ones I changed to fit this situation.

Jessica Redfield was a hockey writer. She was also a daughter.  A sister.  Somebody’s coworker.  Somebody’s friend.  I never knew Jessica Redfield and I guess now I never will.  Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren’t you anymore?  If you were suddenly gone how would your world react?  Whatever you imagined was wrong.  There’s nothing romantic about death.  Grief is like the ocean: it’s deep and dark and bigger than all of us.  And pain is like a thief in the night.  Quiet.  Persistent.  Unfair.  Diminished by time and faith and love.  I didn’t know Jessica Redfield but I’m jealous of her because I see how her absence has affected the people that did know her so I know that she did matter to them.  And I know she was loved.  People say Jessica Redfield was a great hockey writer.  Graceful.  Fluid.  Inspiring.  They say on a good night it almost seemed as though she could fly.  And now she can.


I will miss watching your interviews. I will miss the passion in your writing. I will miss your red hair showing up in my timeline. I will miss your sass and your strength. I will no longer be afraid. I will make sure your legacy lives on. I will continue to write no matter what anyone says to me. You almost held your dreams in your hand. One day I will hold our dreams in my hands.
Peace, Love and Prayers
Elaine Grace Shircliff


Stick taps to @redditcbj for the picture.

Earlier today team USA held a Question and Answer session via twitter with Captain America himself, Jack Johnson III. Hopefully this Q&A session will explain to the rest of the NHL why Jack has stolen the hearts of the fans in LA and Columbus. Jack is a very diplomatic, honest and caring person. I think that comes through during this Q&A. If you didn’t get a chance to read it while it happened I have the Q&A here. Enjoy :) GO USA!

I hope this Q&A was both informative and enlightening. Great guy and we are so lucky to have him in Columbus. Carry that flag buddy.






Over the past season there has been twitter gold from players around the NHL. Ranging from touching to hilarious to full on shenanigans, twitter has made me fall more in love with players across the league. Obviously, I feel the need to scour Twitter for NHL tweets of the week. These will be brought to you every Saturday. Unfortunately, this past weekend I became a little obsessed with the Stanley Cup to put my full heart into this post. ENJOY!


As if Gabe Landeskog wasn’t cute enough he goes and tweets about helping the elderly. If I had seen a guy take the cap off of a bottle of apple juice for a random elderly couple I’d shamelessly throw myself at him. There is just something about random acts of kindness that make my heart swoon. Many men could learn from this tweet.


Lately I’ve seen something rather disturbing. I feel as though my whole world is flipped upside down. What I’ve seen is a budding romance between two NHL twitter accounts. Quite frankly I didn’t see coming. Alas, there is a twitter love affair between the real LA Kings and the real Columbus Blue Jackets. I thought the Blue Jackets and the Kings were mortal enemies after the “clock gate” incident.



Speaking of the Columbus Blue Jackets. R.J. Umberger posted this video on his twitter in an attemp to procure NHL13 cover votes. Why you ask? Because he’s Umby Dammit! Do you really need any more of a reason? No, that’s what I thought. Now, this is the part where I would tell you to “GO VOTE FOR HIM RIGHT NOW!!” but I dropped the ball and posted this too late. Hopefully Umby makes it to the next round. If that happens I’ll write a gushing lovey dovey post about the one and only RJ Umberger.

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