The lynx Chronicle: Brighter future for a classic team

This is a classic retro Jersey of Ilves Tampere from the 1960′s. Source of picture: Third string goalie A more modern jersey looks like this Source of picture: Gamewarnauctions  Not sure how to compare Ilves Tampere with or what classic NHL team. I’d guess though that you could choose any team, between Detroit Red Wings [...]

Response to Kevin Paul Dupont: Reflections about being a lonely blogger/writer

Let us start with this little twitter conversation: Kevin Paul Dupont: Many bloggers do a great job. Pity they will never know the sense of community, teamwork, ethos inherent for decades in large metro papers. Arto Palovaara (me): no, there’s a risk that many of us die lonely behind the screen wearing an awkward New [...]

The top 35 NHL current goaltenders.

I’ve been an goaltender my entire life and I’m somewhat addicted to studying the art, progression and change of styles over the years of professional goalies. It’s what I do. If you agree or disagree with some or all of these rankings? Please let us know so we can discuss. Let’s take a look at [...]

The lion Chronicle: About Finland's squad Sochi 2014

A lot about hockey these days despite that it is July. Well, the teams are announcing their names for the Sochi Olympics. Finland and Erkka Westerlund have announced the preliminary squad for awhile ago. Here are the names of the lion squad: Goalkeepers: Niklas Bäckström,Kari Lehtonen,Antti Niemi,Antti Raanta,Tuukka Rask,Pekka Rinne Kari Rämö,Petri Vehanen Defencemen: Juuso Hietanen,Topi [...]

The lion Chronicle: What can McRae do in Tappara?

Philip McRae from when he got a chance in St Louis Blues. Source: ESPN. Tappara played the finals last season and lost against Pori Ässät. Some good players have left the team for new challenges after the season. New players have replaced them and will for sure try to make it even better this year. [...]

The lion Chronicle: The responsibility towards the game

The day has been full of talking and rumors how’s it going to be with Jokerit’s participation in KHL (Kontinental hockey league) or not. It has been more or less a total mess about the whole deal. Some say that there is a contract between the KHL and the team Jokerit. Other’s claim that there [...]

The lion Chronicle: What is hockey for you?

I reckon the big draft party is over for this time. Well, of course there will be some trades during the season, but that’s a later thing to deal with. I have to admit though that my heart and inner jumps up and down when such things happen like Ilya Kovalchuk is braking his contract [...]

The lion Chronicle: North American players in SM-liiga, Finland.

The Canadian and US flag. Source of picture: Twocentreholiday Let me put it this way: We need to swap players with each other. You might wonder now what the heck I am talking about? While Don Cherry for example always nag about the Europeans, that there’s too much of those in NHL, there’s experts and [...]

Chicago Blackhawks offseason roster juggles aren't done yet.

  With the subtractions of Dave Bolland, Viktor Stalberg, Ray Emery, Jamal Mayers and Michael Frolik due to trade or free agency the 2013-2014 Chicago Blackhawks lines may look something like the following.   Bickell/Toews/Kane Sharp/Handzus/Hossa Saad/Shaw/Pirri Carcillo/Kruger/Bollig Outside looking in: Smith, Hayes, Morin, Leblanc and Beach As we know, Quenneville’s lines are never set [...]

The lion Chronicle: Good luck Mr Boumedienne in Columbus

Mr Boumediennes new workplace, Nationwide Arena in Ohio. Source of Picture: Earthlink    Many clubs in Europe and North America he’s been involved as player.  Not sure if I counted right but Josef Boumedienne has been playing hockey for 22(?) different organizations. That’s a lot one other may think. It sure includes a lot of [...]

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