I reckon the big draft party is over for this time. Well, of course there will be some trades during the season, but that’s a later thing to deal with.

I have to admit though that my heart and inner jumps up and down when such things happen like Ilya Kovalchuk is braking his contract for going back to Russia and join KHL instead. Not because of the KHL or so, but because these kind of happenings stir around the pot for sure and shake up the hockey world a bit…. well, all right then, a lot. I want more of this no matter what team or what player. I just want more trade or draft bombs that I feel that me also the rest of you people are alive.

Ok…I show the face…. I am even laughing loudly. No offense to New Jersey Devils at all, I like the team very much and I went through myself this kind of thing when Gretzky went to LA Kings, so I can understand a bit how the fans might feel.

But hey…come on dear fellows! Life goes on in one-way or another. I am quite sure that Devils will find a way to reach to the top and win Stanley cup. It might take awhile, but they will be there. Mark my words my dear friend…mark my words.

Although, I couldn’t help myself to feel a bit concerned about where has the joy for the game went? Is it totally gone? Well, not really I hope, but it is quite concerning that a lot of people take this game a bit too seriously or even life too seriously. Yes, I read through a big part of the comments when it was confirmed that Kovalchuk is going to leave NHL for KHL.  Someone even wanted him dead; that he should joined Yaroslavl already 2010. The same team where everyone died in a plane crash.  Come on, what’s that really for Christ sake?

Hockey players will always do this. They will go to another club and/or a league from time to time. That’s how it is and that’s something we all have to just…accept and respect also. If we can’t do the later, what’s the point to be involved in hockey or sport at all?

What is hockey for you? I am asking you my dear reader.

I can only speak for myself that for me hockey is just pure joy. Sure, my favorite teams are not winning every year, quite far from that position. Edmonton Oilers further away from a Stanley cup final than a camel from water, but I still like the team. Finland is not winning the world championship or any other tournament every year. And I like a lot of other teams as well that I can feel sympathy for them and wish them the best luck in the world.

Hockey is also about memories for me. Parts from the past tournaments I can think back with joy and some nostalgia, like the first medal Finland won ever. Calgary Olympics 1988 where they just had to beat the “impossible” Soviet Union, which they did. Soviet Union won the gold anyway, but that was THE GAME of all that brought Finland the first medal, a shiny silver thing hanging around the neck, not a tightrope.

That’s quite something, right?

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/Arto Palovaara, from Arena Kalevala and Betsafe  Connecting the worldwide hockey family closer to each other by telling stories from the Finnish SM-liiga and national teams. 







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