UPDATE 2:00 AM ET: It’s pretty late here, so this  is definitely my last update of the night. I’d say you can disregard the main post below at this point.. I’m still shocked, and a little mad at what transpired tonight. I thought that the Boston deal was pretty bad, but this deal takes the cake. It’s obvious that Iginla chose the deal he wanted, and that messed up the Flames, hopefully not in the long run. It’s been a late night for me, and every other intense hockey fan. Around 1:30 AM I was shutting my eyes and checked my phone only to see that the Pens had acquired Iginla, and not the Bruins. I rushed to my computer to update all of you, and now I feel wide awake. Iginla will speak tomorrow to the media, and expect water works.

If I were a Flames fan I’d be even more sad. Not only did they lose Iginla but they also took a pretty bad deal. I’ve said this a lot, but I’ll say it again.. Poor Calgary.

UPDATE 1:40 AM ET: Deal is for Kenneth Agostino, Ben Hanowski and a 1rst round pick – not conditional. Crazy, crazy, crazy night. I guess this post was all speculation. On behalf of everyone in the NHL, I’m sorry we all got that wrong. Who would have thunk it?

UPDATE 1:36 AM ET: Iginla traded to Pens! Iginla traded to Pens! Everyone fan of the NHL got screwed up tonight! After everyone thinking that a trade to Boston was all but official, Jay Feaster tricks us all and sends Iggy to Pens!

UPDATE 12:50 AM ET: Flames get their first win in the post Iggy era. 4-3 final – Calgary. If the deal is officially announced tonight it’ll be in a matter of minutes.

UPDATE 12:25 AM ET: First rounder going Calgary’s way is a conditional pick. Condition is on Iginla singing with Boston.

UPDATE 12:20 AM ET: Though deal appears to be done, it doesn’t look like anything will be announced by the teams tonight, Darren Dreger reports. Expect an announcement early tomorrow. “Iggy, Iggy, Iggy” chants going strong at the Dome. Currently 4-2 Flames.

UPDATE 12:06 AM ET: Boston Bruins sources confirm Jarome Iginla has been traded per TSN’s Aaron Ward.


It feels like April 3rd (trade deadline) already in the hockey world! As of Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 an era appears to have ended in Calgary. A Jarome Iginla deal to the Boston Bruins is all but official. Jarome Iginla was a healthy scratch tonight for the first time since the last game of the season in 2007. This was to save him for the playoffs, but him getting scratched today certainly isn’t a tactic to keep him fresh for the post-season. Even though they’re only 6 points out of eighth spot (4 points if they win tonight) in the West it is looking very doubtful and a deal to the Bruins looks imminent at this moment. The reported deal includes Matthew Bartkowski, Alexander Khokhlachev and a first-round pick going from Boston to Calgary, according to Bob McKenzie.

Without getting too far into the specifics of the deal, let’s just talk about with this means for some of the teams in the playoff race.

With Bostons shootout loss tonight in Montreal they’re currently sitting in fourth place in the conference (second in the division) and 6 points behind the conference leading Pittsburgh Penguins.

As a Sens fan I don’t mind this deal. It’s looking like Boston is poised to take the top spot in the Northeast. As it sits now the Sens are  fifth in the East, and B’s are fourth. This means that if playoffs were to start tomorrow they would be matched up in the first round.

The Sens have never played well against the Bruins. It’s actually quite uncanny so that match up is horrifying even without Iginla on the team.

Assuming Boston can take top spot in the division, a Montreal match up is much more likely, and friendly looking.

This is pure speculation, but Boston lines could potentially look like this:


*Kelly is currently out with a tibia injury but should be back come playoff time.

One of the scariest, if not scariest, lineups in the league. I couldn’t have done better myself in my NHL Be A GM mode. Props to  Chia.

I can’t  imagine a better playoff team. They have all the pieces in place for a run at the cup. Scoring, grit, goal tending, defense, and offense are all there, and looking to be running on all cylinders.

Could this be the rebuild we’ve been waiting so long for? The rebuild that should have happened three years ago? I think so. If I’m a fan of Calgary there is a lot of sadness right now, but it’s going to get better for them. They should feel happy that this is finally happening. The Sens went through a similar thing two years ago and they’ve already made the playoffs once and are poised to make them once again this season, so anything is possible for the Flames. They could even potentially make the playoffs this year.

After this deal is official I’d be willing to bet the floodgates open for Feaster and the Flames and we see players like Cammalleri, Glencross, Tanguay and others all have speculation start swirling around them.

With the deadline only a week away and things beginning to heat up you can bet I’ll be here bringing not just Sens news, but news from around the league to you.

In regards to the Sens, it doesn’t look like it’ll be a busy year for them. With news that a Cowen return is now possible, Andy, who has been day to day for a month and a half, looking ready to be back in a matter of days, and Spezza expected back before playoffs it’s almost like they don’t need any trades. They have a top four defenseman, first line center and Vezina contending goalie all (hopefully) coming back in a matter of time.

But, of course, if something does happen I’ll know right away and relay it all to you.

Good luck to Calgary in the post Iggy era, and congratulations to Boston on their recent blockbuster.



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