With the Calgary Flames currently looking at a pretty sweet lottery pick this year, much talk has been about the availability of star forward, Jarome Iginla. Iginla trade talk has been a hot topic for a few years now especially with the downward spiral Flames team where they seem to be limited in prospects and have an over-abundance of middle of the line and also ageing players. The Iggy talks have been beaten to a pulp with the majority, even hard-core Flames fans, begging to deal their beloved superstar to get some players for now and the future. The tough part is that most would assume Iginla would like to go to a cup contender and have a shot at taking home Lord Stanley and Jarome has not admittedly say he’d accept a deal out of Calgary.

So where would be a likely destination for Iginla? Most say the cap tight Philadelphia Flyers for starters, but are they even a cup contender with or without Jarome? In my opinion, the Flyers issues are in goal and on D. Detroit could be a landing spot as they’re somewhat desperate for a scoring forward and he’d look good playing along either Pavel Datsyuk or Henrik Zetterberg.

What about the Chicago Blackhawks? Well, at this time, I’d say there is no reason to make any type of deals although some fans opinions have gone the way of needing a goaltender or another player to step in for Patrick Sharp. Rumor mongers are in their glory now that Chicago has lost a couple games in a row and they’re throwing out ridiculous trades to almost revamp the entire team. It never ends does it? Anyway, my point of bringing up Jarome Iginla to the Blackhawks is because not many have mentioned them as a possible landing point for the superstar. My personal opinion is that the Blackhawks make no deals unless the wheels completely fall off or injuries start to pile up.

The Blackhawks are currently the favorite to win the Stanley Cup in most people’s eyes so why wouldn’t Iginla want to go play with a highly skilled team and skate alongside Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews? Jarome is that power forward Chicago would love to have but at what price? Would you ship an Andrew Shaw, Jeremy Morin and a high draft pick for him? Would Calgary accept something like that? Bowman can fit Iginla on to the team under the cap with a few tweaks here and there if need be.

Iginla brings possibly the most likeable personality in hockey to a youthful team with tons of skill; he’s a goal scorer, kills penalties, two-way player and drops the mitts if needed but obviously on the down side of his career due to his age.

Would Chicago be OK losing players/prospects for a one year rental player which would give them a better shot at the Stanley Cup? Some fans would want to keep Iggy but that’s not happening unless he takes a huge pay cut or we dump one of, if not, the best 2-way player in the game in Marian Hossa or some other highly paid Blackhawk.

I personally think the Blackhawks should play it out and see how they do closer to the trade deadline and give players like Hayes a chance and hope this great ride continues. Hopefully Patrick Sharp should be back by then, too.

What do you think? Should the Blackhawks make a plethora of deals or are you happy with this insane run they’ve had?

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