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Last night the Columbus Blue Jackets entered the Madhouse on Madison in hopes of  putting a stop to their regulation win streak. Unfortunately the injury plagued Blue Jackets could not end the streak. They managed to force the Black Hawks into overtime only to lose at the hands of Lucky Number 7.

Here’s how it all played out.


1st Period

The game starts with Dalton Prout desperately trying to get to the arena on time from MidwayAirport. Clearly the game starts with out him. That’s ok because 31 seconds into the period Prospal scores his 250th career goal !  At 17:51 Stalburg gets a turnover and is denied a goal. At 15:51 the Madhouse goes crazy at the though of a  Kaner goal. Fortunately for the Jackets the puck hit the post and the goal was waved off.  Dalton Prout arrives 5 minutes into the game.  Stalburg goes to the sin bin for hi-sticking Cameron “the biebs” Atkinson. At 12:29 Hjalmarsson thought he had a great break away but his attempt was foiled when Letestu snuck up on him. Thank you Letestu for blocking Hjammer’s shot.  Foligno and Brookbank get into an uneventful fisticuffs at 11:50.  At 7:40 Johansen delivers a beauty of a pass from behind the net to Atkinson. Unfortunately no amount of attacking the net was going to throw Emery off of his game. Attempt denied and twenty seconds later Dalton arrives to the bench. Shortly after Prout’s arrival the Blue Jackets head to the penalty kill for too many men on the ice. Johansen takes a seat in the sin bin. With four and a half minutes left in the first the Black Hawks continually attack the net. Mason puts on a show stopping shots left and right. Until 3:51 when the “Jackets Killer” himself, Viktor Stalburg, ties it up with his sixth goal of the season. With 1 minute left Kaner tries to score on a breakaway and is denied by Mason. Kruger also tries to score and is also denied.  Period ends. Shots on goal even. Score even.

2nd Period

With one minute into the period Nikitin shocks the world by getting into his first fight. Nikitin fought Carcillo after Tyutin was leveled. Many Chicago fans were calling him stupid. I on the other hand recognized that Nikitin was just trying to protect one of the last healthy defensemen we have on the team. Adding insult to injury they also gave Nikitin added instigating to the penalty. At this point in the game I begin to lose focus. My mind is still being wrapped around the fact that Nikitin got into a fight. About 7 minutes into the period Anisimov scores. The puck is deflected off of Carcillo’s leg. The last three minutes of the second period is where the break down of the Blue Jackets happens. With 2:23 left Patrick Sharp ties up the game with a soft shot on Mason.Not even a minute later Nikitin can’t keep up with Bickell and he scores his third goal of the season.   Period ends with Chicago leading the score board and shots on goal.


3rd Period

The start of the third period begins with the Jackets attacking the net for almost two minutes. Unfortunately nothing came of this effort. With 17:16 left in the game the hockey gods were with us.  Mayers misses the net that was left wide open. The puck just rolled off Mayers stick. With 7:33 left the Blue Jackets got their redemption in the form of a Ryan Johansen goal. Looks as though Joey is getting his groove back. With the five minute mark the game gets intense. The boys on both sides begin to apply the pressure and Mason brings his A game. Mason makes a beautiful save under his stick against Stalburg.  Umby plays it off the glass to Johansen but unfortunately nothing happens. Kaner tries to breakaway but the Jackets apply the pressure. A little more than a minute left Hjammer continually applies the pressure on Prospal. The Black Hawks were not going to let Prospal get his 251st goal off of them. Todd “Toddles” Richards calls a time out with 4.3 seconds remaining. If they win the faceoff they could win the game. A faceoff win is imperative. They win the faceoff, take one final shot, and miss. How disheartening that would have been if they were down a goal and not tied.

Over Time:

Overtime = Elaine doesn’t breathe and may puke time. At least I was given comedic relief when Saad grabbed the puck and threw it into the Jackets net. You would think at this point the Jackets would capitalize on this debauchery but they did not. Instead Aucoin left Seabrook unattended and lucky number 7 scores to end the game.


random observations:

  • I wish Natalie Taylor could hear me yell “HI NATALIE” every time She appears on my tv
  • John Moore trips over the goalie and hurts himself during morning skate. That’s so ohio sports.
  • Dalton Prout late to the game because his flight came in late. That’s so ohio sports.



Three Stars

1. Ryan Johansen: What was that Elaine? Ryan Johansen as your number one Columbus Blue Jackets star? I’m just as suprised and shocked as all of you. It’s a well know fact that I am not a fan of the Johan. Last night the kid, yet again, showed promise. Johansen had some great passes and that goal was beautiful.

2. Mason: Yes, I know Mason let in a soft goal from Sharp. Yes, I know the Jackets lost. Yes, I know Mason “allowed” 4 goals. I strongly believe if we had a decent defense and they weren’t injured the Jackets would have won that game. There is only so much a goalie can do with out help. Mason made some great saves last night. This kid has slowly developed into one heck of a player. I have nothing but Mase love.

3. The Chicago Cab Driver : Thank you for getting Dalton Prout to the Madhouse before the first period ended. I think the Blue Jackets would have self destructed if they had to play with 5 defensemen.


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