Around three weeks ago friends/fans from other NHL teams brought up two things to me based on what they have seen on twitter. One theory I tested and one I paid attention to. One their perception was totally wrong and the other their perception seems to be right. So today’s edition of perception vs reality covers “Favoritism” and “Fighting”.



As we all know perception and reality very rarely match up. So when a few non cbj fans asked me how I came to be a “favorite” of the Jackets Organization I was a bit perplexed. I’m not a designated “community leader” but since I’ve become a fan of the CBJ back in 2011 they have supported my writing and have recognized me multiple times. Partially because I’m constantly putting that bug in their ear that I’m right there in front of them. With that being said I took three weeks off of writing and rarely tweeted about the Blue Jackets. During those three weeks the Blue Jackets twitter never mentioned me and didn’t follow Friday me. Why? Because I didn’t talk about the Jackets and when I did it got lost in the abyss of tweets.

If you’re serious about being recognized you have to put yourself out there. The CBJ media relations team does not have all day to sit around and sift through every single tweet. They are doing their best and people need to calm down a little. This is new territory for sports teams. No other team in any other  league communicates with their fans the way CBJ social media does. We have to be patient with them. Imagine 3-5 people trying to respond to fans, write articles about the team, and make sure the media is up and running. It’s time consuming and with a shortened season their main focus is getting information about the players/organization out there. Eventually they have time to focus on fan interaction.  Some of your tweets probably get lost when we blow up everyone’s timeline during a game or CBJ related event . We are loud, proud, and some find us annoying. So in an attempt to not let your voice get lost in the crowd every Friday I will post a Follow Friday spot light on Crash The Net. Fans have to help each other out. I know there are awesome Blue Jackets fans who are getting lost in the crowd and I want to find you.

With that being said I want to remind you of a few things. If you’re going to be consistently negative, don’t consistently tweet about the team, have a potty mouth, and are rude to other fans the Blue Jackets cannot tweet you out. They are an organization with an image to uphold. You could say it’s “just twitter” but to the Blue Jackets it’s also business.



*Disclaimer: I am not attacking anybody. I know I’m not 100% innocent either.*

I’ve had multiple people ask me why the Blue Jackets fan base fights so much. I didn’t believe them so I took a step back and observed.

We are all fans. We should work together. When we walk through that door it doesn’t matter who we are, what clothes we wear, how we walk, or how we talk. What matters is we are all jackets fans. This should also carry into twitter. I’m not saying we have to be friends. I’m saying we have to start respecting each other a bit more. I get that each of us have different views on the team and how it should be run. We aren’t always going to agree with each other. Most of us on twitter are adults and we need to start acting like it. If you do not agree with someone you could do one of two things: Ignore it or try to create a nice healthy dialogue. What you should not do is jump down their throat, attack them, or subtweet about them. Over the past three weeks I’ve seen this time and time again. If you don’t like what someone has to say then unfollow them. If they keep harassing you then block them. We should be saving our anger and hatred for the other teams. So for the sake of the Blue Jackets lets be cordial with each other.


I hope we can all learn to sacrifice hate for the love of the Columbus Blue Jackets.




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