Every town has a legend. The type of person people talk about for years to come. The type of person who is oozing with so much greatness you can not help but become a better person. For the town of Farmington, Minnesota Louis Scmitz is that legend.

Louis Schmitz helped start Farmington’s first youth hockey league.  He also created the first girls hockey program three decades before it was recognized at a high school level . Not only did Schmitz create the program he also coached the girls for several years. Through out the course of his life Schmitz was inducted into two different hall of fames (Women’s Hockey Association Hall of Fame; Farmington High School Athletic Hall of Fame) and won four awards (Farmington citizen of the year, WCCO Good Neighbor Award, Don Clark Award, and the President’s award from the Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association.) As you can see Louis Schmitz was a man of legendary proportions. Unfortunately like all men who lead extraordinary lives they have a tragic ending. Thanksgiving weekend 2011 Louis Schmitz was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Schmitz was able to make it through Christmas and say goodbye to his loved ones before his battle was lost on December 29th.


This year the Columbus Blue Jackets are raising funds for the fight against cancer. Please considering donating here. Every dollar helps put an end to cancer. If you don’t have the money to spare please spread this story around and help keep this man a legend.

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