Last article we took a look at hockey about some hockey pets?

Here’s a video on a little kitten trying his paw at some hockey.

This dog is playing some solid trap defense!

Henry the dog looks psycho here! Maybe it’s the Bruins lid he’s wearing.

If only puck bunnies would pay this much attention to the actual hockey game rather than something else.

Oh kitty, you don’t know how disgusting that is LOL :)

OK. It’s not all animals and hockey…how about some kids hockey brawls? What??

How about these two 6 year old boys? :)

I think Viktor Stalberg could take some lessons from the above kids on how to tilt. :)

Hope you enjoyed some of these videos on this extremely short article.

Anyone else ready for hockey? Will there be a lockout? Of course there will be :(

Hang in there.


  • Cara

    Did you see that one little boy being carried away and he was still kicking his legs? Hard ass little guys :)

  • Anonymous

    I actually missed that but went back and saw it. That was hilarious! Hahahaha. Nice catch :)

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