I have Blue Jackets on the brain. I’m salivating thinking about the upcoming season. It’s so bad that when I hear certain songs I immediately correlate them with players on the team. So now the next few weeks are going to be spent getting these songs stuck in your head.



Everytime I hear the song “The Dougie” all I hear in my head is :

Teach me how to Dubi
Teach me how to Dubi.
All my Jackets love me.
All. All. All my Jackets love me.

I also can’t help but picture Dubinsky doing the “Dougie”. He makes it look so classy in my head. Hopefully this season he will light it up on the ice and players across the NHL will be heard saying “MAN! Teach me how to Dubi”


…. I really need to get a non hockey related life



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