Though we’d do a small compilation of hockey babies because everyone’s favorite sport is Hockey and who doesn’t love babies?

Perfect combination :)

Not sure if the ladies will look at the baby or Patrick Sharp here.

Someone is about to cry :(

Nice stache. Bahaha.

From his hilarious antics on Twitter to holding this cutie. How can anyone dislike Bobby Lou?

Come on Iggy, you don’t need to flex holding that little one. :)

Um…how adorable is this?

Andrew Ladd holding a pair…of little ones

Craig Adams in a serious discussion.

Dustin Brown letting the kids drink from the Stanley Cup!

Jonathan Quick and his daughter in front of his well deserved Conn Smythe Trophy.

Big smooch from DB

Daniel Briere holding his wee one. You know what I mean..

Habs vs Leafs Babies. They’ll grow up doing this.

Kesler holding a baby during game action? Huh?

I think everyone remembers this interview.

This little gaffer is right into the action

Remember Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff? By the way, been to his dads place and they have a fricken bowling alley in the house haha

How excited is this little guy cheering on the greatest NHL team :)

Yup, another Canuck with baby pic. What can one say? Canucks love babies.

This is how they feed Bieksa, still. :)

This baby is almost as big as Marchand.

There’s a baby in there somewhere, isn’t there?

Hope you enjoyed the hockey baby pics which I’m sure many of you have seen before.

Thanks to the wonderful tool of Google to acquire these images and whomever uploaded them


  • Cara

    So adorable!! I’m not a fan of Kesler, but I think I like that pic the best. He seems really happy to see the baby so excited. The cute little Hawks fan is so excited that he is close to kicking his dad in the nads :) The little stache baby is just too damn cute, sweet little thing.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! I’m not a fan of Kesler either but when it comes to people holding babies that dislike takes a backseat. :)

    I love that gif of the nad knocking y the kid, I’m going to do a mini blog of funny hockey related gifs I think.

    The stache baby is cute but I think my fave is (hate to say it) but the little kid in the Canucks clothing with the headphones.

    Thanks again for the comment and reading. Most dedicated reader and commenter would be you. Much appreciated :)

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