Yet again another summer where everyone’s eyes are on Ohio. I feel like almost every year the sports media has incited a riot of speculation among the citizens. A few years ago the hot topic of the summer was the decision of Lord Voldemort. This summer’s hot topic was Rick Nash. Is he staying? Is he going? Who wants him? Who is on his list? Who will the Blue Jackets get for him? It got to the point where I had to filter my twitter of words like 7.8, 8, million, nash, rick, 61, and cbj. The talk went from sane to crazy to so ridiculous it made the man on the street who wears a foil hat seem sane. I’ve never been so happy to have a trade be done and over. Nash is in New York and we procured three strapping young men. Since I let everyone else have their six months of crazy talk it’s my turn. Here are my thoughts on the Nash trade.



No matter what GM Scott Howson did with Rick Nash during the off season there would have been a lot of angry people.  In everyone’s eyes across the NHL we would get too much or too little for Rick Nash. If GMSH had traded captain for captain most people across the NHL would throw a fit and point out the fact we were last in the league this past season. If GMSH had traded captain for one 2nd liner all of Columbus would have raged so hard that the band “Five Finger Death Punch” would look like docile little kittens.
If there is one job in this world I would not want it’s to be GM of a NHL team. Hockey fans are very opinionated and over confident with their own abilities to play/run a team. I find it a very endearing quality.



Rick Nash must be the biggest troll ever or a glutton for punishment. What kind of person wants to go to a team where the fans chanted “We don’t want you” last season? If I was Rick Nash I would troll fans so hard. At events I’d say “Hey you! Ya you! I saw you chanting behind the glass. I don’t want you either.”



The one group of people my heart goes out to in the aftermath of NASHPOCOLYPSE 2012 is the children of the greater Columbus area. From what I’ve heard Nash was great with the kids in the community. The kids loved him. I guarantee on Monday you could hear the tears of sorrow all the way in New York. Rick Nash was every kids’ hero. Everyone wanted to grow up to be Rick Nash. I hope he has the same affect on kids in New York as he did in Columbus. Everyone needs someone with a good heart to look up too.



When the Blue Jackets are in the locker room getting ready for a game they no longer have this “soap opera” looming over their heads. Now the boys can focus on winning. In the beginning of the season the media will more than likely ask questions about what it’s like to no longer have Rick Nash on the team.  What they won’t be asked are questions that make you feel so uncomfortable that you can’t even focus on playing. So many times after a win there was always that one reporter who asked “Do you think this win will make Nash want to stay in Columbus?”. Who asks that? Seriously! Way to be a buzzkill Debbie Downer and ruin this happy moment for the players by planting this seed of darkness in their brain. Now you’ve just applied a tremendous amount of pressure onto these guys. Listen up. Nash was not going to stay unless the CBJ had a miracle run that led them to the playoffs towards the end of last season. Everyone has to come to terms with this fact. No matter how much Nash loves the organization and this city the man was not staying. The writing was etched into the wall in January. Instead of letting the players come to term with that fact you gave them and the fans hope. Not the good kind of hope. The kind of hope that stresses a person out. The kind where you hope for the best but you know you have to work EXTRA EXTRA hard to receive said result. Who wants that extra pressure? NO one does. NO ONE. You could see these guys were trying their hardest this season. The problem was the Blue Jackets were trying too hard. There were times when watching a game was painful because the guys were not having fun. Now that Nash is gone that extra pressure is gone. Now we can look forward to a team that is going to have fun and win. These guys have big hearts, talent, passion and the drive to win. This team is going to be THE team to watch. The Blue Jackets may not make it to the playoffs this coming season but they will have a winning record. BRING ON OCTOBER!!



Sometimes after a loved one dies those left behind have a hard time coping. Being in the one place where everything reminds you of them doesn’t exactly give you the chance to heal. I’ve often wondered if this was the case for Rick Nash.
After Mr. Mac died Nash and the Jackets played hard. They put their heart and soul on the ice every night. The Jackets made it to the playoffs proclaiming “These playoffs are for you Mr. Mac”. Only to fall short and get swept in the first round. It’s hard enough to get knocked out of the playoffs. It’s even harder to lose when you’ve dedicated your playoff run to someone you cherish who has passed on. It’s heart wrenching. It’s hard for someone to come back from something of that nature. Which is why I think the move to a new stadium and a new town will give Rick Nash a brand new start. Hopefully this move will help Nash find the joy in playing hockey again. I look forward to seeing if he plays with complete joy again. That’s the Rick Nash I love. The one who makes you smile because of the amount of light that shines from him on the ice.




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