What a whirlwind couple of weeks it’s been so far for the Dallas Stars. In the trade department, the first move was trading Mike Ribeiro for Cody Eakin and a pick at the draft, then fan favorite Steve Ott was dealt to the Sabres for Derek Roy on Monday. Joe and Tom have also dipped in to the free agent pool in the last couple days – signing both Ray Whitney and Aaron Rome Sunday, and now adding Jaromir Jagr to the mix.

Jagr spent last season with the Flyers after a a three year NHL hiatus. His 54 points in 77 games isn’t exactly Jagr-esque, but he showed he can still play and he received nothing but rave reviews from the Flyers about his work ethic and commitment. Those attributes, along with his skill and cache he still carries are exactly what the Stars need right now to return to relevancy. That relevancy has been missing for a few years now, not only league wide but at home in Dallas as attendance has been hitting lows that the franchise hasn’t seen since 1990 in Minnesota.

The 40 year old Kladno, Czech Republic native currently sits eight on the NHL’s all-time points list (70 behind Mario Lemieux) and is first among all Europeans born players. He’s not the 100+ point player he use to be, there’s a little more grey in the facial hair and his mullet has long since clogged someone’s drain, but he is an upgrade and he rounds out the new look top six quite nicely. Being that his $4.55 million dollar contract is only for one year, it along with fellow geriatric Ray Whitney’s two year contract won’t hamper the team financially down the road.

Having guys like Whitney and now Jagr around will also create a much better environment for the youngsters, which is a positive that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Quote of the day from Twitter goes to Tony Jaremko, @Stars_Insider – “Does Jagr know that if he comes play in the south, the mullet is widely accepted?”

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  • Tony J

    I can see it now: no Jagr bobblehead…mullet wigs! In all your years of watching Stars hockey (North and South) you’d see Jagr in a Stars uni???

  • Erica

    I do not endorse the love of mullets! Not all Southerners are fans of that atrocity. I’m also REALLY anxious about the number of very… errrrr “experienced” players we’re picking up. Hope it world for us, but not overly hopeful. I agree that we needed changes, just not convinced of these particular choices.

    #1.75ish :-| )

  • Johanvandersmut

    If you believe that they will be a good influence on younger players, you need to re -check your sources. They are both grumpy drinkers that display signs of selfishness. A reason that other teams took a pass when their names came up.

  • Travis Currie

    I’m curious to what your sources would be to those claims. The only one of those veterans who has ever had any such knock against him is Jagr – but that was a while ago. The Flyers had the opposite to say about him though. We weren’t the only team interested in him, and the only reason teams passed on Whitney is because he’s 40 and everyone was offering him just one year deals where we offered him a two year.

  • Travis Currie

    Hey if both Ryan Suter and Zach Parise planned on signing with us, then we may not have had to go after all these guys. The good thing is they’re short term contracts so we’re not locked in to anything that will hurt us down the road. It’s a better top six than what we’ve been rolling with, it’s not a long term solution but we’re not Edmonton where we’ve been bad enough to acquire top picks – so if we want to compete right now this is our option. Things will be reassessed in due time, but for now I believe we’re a better team.

  • Travis Currie

    Never Tony. Never thought I’d see the day. I doubt he did either. It’s too bad he’s 40 and not 30, but I’m still excited.

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