At 11:30 Friday morning fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets gathered outside of Nationwide Arena to play games, listen to tunes, and meet RJ Umberger. This event marked the beginning of “Front Street Friday”. A day meant to celebrate the team and the players we love. There were dollar dogs, slap shot accuracy test and photo opportunities with Stinger. The Blue Jackets organization also provided free sunscreen for fans standing in line to meet RJ. Thus proving their commitment to fighting cancer extends beyond the realm of pediatrics.

RJ took the time to talk to each and everyone of his fans. Giving each one special attention. The way he handled the kids made my heart melt. You can tell he is a great father to his children.

Afterwards a few of my friends and I went ice skating at the Ice Haus which is attached to Nationwide Arena. While we were there we got a surprise visit from RJ Umberger himself.



Of course the first question asked was “How do you really feel about Jeff Carter”. For all of you curious Georges out there you will not find that answer out because we did not allow him to answer. We deemed it quite inappropriate. Many of my friends are new to playing hockey and RJ took the time to explain what it takes to train to be a hockey player. He went over the importance of the proper way to do squats. Honestly, I thought squats were just squats. I never realized you could hurt yourself squatting wrong. Also, thanks to RJ, I know why God blessed me with big thighs and a big booty. Apparently they help with balance and the ability to skate well. Too bad I spent all those year playing softball when clearly my body was built for hockey. Which led us to the next round of questions pertaining to what RJ Umberger does during the off-season. While some of the players go to the arena to practice in the off-season he works out at home. It gives RJ a chance to rejuvenate and come back fresh when the season starts. Plus that means more time spent with his wife and children. We chatted with him a little bit more and then picked his brain about the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let’s just say if someone in the East wins the cup RJ won’t be upset.

All in all the day was quite pleasant. OK, I lied, the day was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at Front Street Fridays. Thank you Columbus Blue Jackets and RJ Umberger for making my Friday memorable.

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