If more men thought about the duck face the way Ryan Whitney does there would be a lot of single ladies in the world. In fact, there would probably be no Jersey Shore babies on the verge of being born. LAdies, The duckface is unattractive. Your face may look thinner but you look like an ugly duckling. Thank you Ryan for proving that there are men out there who think the duckface is quite unattractive.


Dustin Penner I like you but if there is the slightest possibility you are going to dress up in that outfit I will hate you until the cows come home. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. No, I lied, don’t hate the game. I love hockey and probably more than I should. If I could marry hockey I would.











You’re judging me right now. I know. I’m a pretty girl so you have to give me a break. Cam Atkinson’s dogs are adorable. I want to dog nap that white little ball of fluff. Why? The dog looks like a total shit. You know, the type of dog that eats your underwear and then gives you kisses so you can’t be mad. I really just want to take it’s face in my hands, speak in the Jenna Marbles baby voice and say “you’re a cute little shit aren’t you? you little shit you. yes you are.”










When it comes to his fans, Hartnell has a heart bigger than his hair. How many times do kids write their favorite player and never know if they got the letter or not. Well, if you are a fan of Hartnell at some point he has probably tweeted a letter or a drawing you sent him. It’s nice to know there are players out there who are willing to let their fans know they appreciate them.

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