In the aftermath of Washington’s stunning upset of defending champion Boston on April 25, it did not take long for the crap to hit the fan.

A number of Bruins fans took to social media to show their unhappiness with Washington’s Joel Ward, the man that scored the game-winning goal in overtime, sending the Capitals onto the next round and the Bruins to an early tee-time.

Let me say that I am all for some good trash talk online, but the comments (I edited out the obscenities, but you get the drift) made towards Ward went above and beyond that.

For example:


Charlie Cobb @Skoal_Banditt

Joel ward you f…..g n.g..r you suck 6 goals all season you f…..g plug n.g..r bitch

Chase Coulson @K1NGOFCRAZY

Joel Ward is the first n.g..r to score in game 7 overtime

Zach Silva™ @ZachSilva2

Well prime example of the n.g..r rule from NHL 12. F..k you Joel ward


Can’t believe Boston just let a sand n.g..rr beat them #gobacktothejungle


Those are but a few of the Twitter pleasantries that were sent the way of Ward after he iced the game for the Capitals.

As someone that works in social media for my profession, I literally see tons of tweets and shares on a daily basis. While I would like to say nothing amazes me anymore these days, the outcry towards Ward after his goal went beyond disgusting.

Not liking Ward and/or the Capitals is perfectly fine if you’re from Boston, Pittsburgh, New York or any other rival hockey city. Denigrating an athlete just because of his skin color is a totally different thing.

While it is a known fact that there are but a trickle of minority players in the NHL, that does not mean that those there are should be singled out.

Those that chose to voice their immature thoughts on social media following the game should not normally be taken seriously.

First, they likely have the IQ levels of a light bulb. Secondly, they are more than likely not serious hockey fans, as such dedicated fans would rise above such childish behavior. Lastly, the venom with which they spewed their comments is probably a good indicator of how they live their everyday lives.

Why such comments, however, should be taken seriously is that we have a long way to go as a society.

For those fans that thought such comments were okay, take your racist attitudes and go sit in the penalty box.


Dave Thomas, who covers among other items workers compensation and small business loans, writes extensively for He is also a freelance sportswriter.

  • Anonymous

    but the “Sedin Sisters” will always exist ;)

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