Injury plagued Detroit Red Wings are coming to town tonight and the Blue Jackets need to be careful. Coming off of an embarrassing 6-0 shutout loss to the St. Louis Blues the Red Wings are coming to town hungry. They are coming at us with a vengeance. The Jackets have just as much to prove though. Both teams are playing with out their longstanding captains who put points on the board. They are both trying to show the world they can hold their own with out Nash and Lidstrom. So far Columbus has proven that they can. Detroit on the other hand has yet to prove their dominance. Tonight will be an interesting game nonetheless.



  • Wear the Red Wings down: The Wings are hurting. They have one of the oldest rosters in the league. It’s time to show them how the young guns play. Hit them hard. Double team them. Rattle their brains and their bodies. Apply the pressure for all three games.
  • Never give up: No matter what happens the Blue Jackets can not show a second of discouragement. If the Red Wings sense even an ounce of discouragement they are going to use it to rally.
  • Play all three periods: Play not two, not one, but three periods. Play all three periods. This has been a problem for the Jackets in the past. They play well the first two periods and then completely lose it in the third. Sometimes they don’t even show up in the first and are in an uphill battle for the rest of the game. Since this is a shortened season they HAVE to show up for all three periods of every game.


  • Not get hurt: Four guys are hurt and one is sick. Don’t get in fights and get off the ice if you are sore. The last thing this team needs in one more injury.
  • Guard the goalie: The Red Wings need to have a constant presence in front of the net. If they don’t they are going to have another repeat performance of  Saturday’s game.


The Jackets have the crowd and youth on their side tonight. Look for the boys in blue to light up Jimmy Howard tonight. It should be an exciting time.




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