Quiet in NHL town <3

  Four days later and I still get teary thinking about the tragic events of Friday. Never in my life did I think I would cry over someone I’ve never met or had “real contact” with. This time was different for me. I even find myself choking up as I write this post. Jessica Redfield [...]

 2012 Stanley Cup predictions	 Challenge

Just going to have some fun amongst readers to see who can nail the most games by predicting the winners of the first round. It’s simple, copy and paste this small template below and then post it in the comments section with your picks. After everyone is done I will make a template with everyone’s [...]

Crash the Net prediction contest and winner and final standings!

We hope you had fun with this prediction contest and thank you to everyone for not quitting even if you were far behind in the standings. It was amazing to see people just excited to have a good week even if they were lower in the standings. Shows how great of hockey fans you all [...]

Crash the Net updated prediction contest standings.

Well our leader GeneraleasyE has a nice cushion on top of the leaderboard overall. With all of us chasing him, most of us needed the Flames to win that game, which they should have. Woulda shoulda coulda huh? It’s not over yet though. Quite a few games tomorrow and it may come down to the [...]

CTN's Sunday February 19, 2012 standings and overall standings

Some sick picks today by a lot of people. But hats off to a person who nailed 3 games today and ended up with a great 101 pts and that being Chi_Hawkey These are people who predicted games bang on today. Chi_Hawkey 3 games DarciBrianne 2 games DylanKWebster 1 game GeneraleasyE 1 game LuuLuoKrisyx1x 1 [...]

CTN's Saturday February 18, 2012 standings and overall standings.

Some pretty impressive scoring for some today. Swabs5030 was the best today with Latoya12 and Stoshfan21 right behind him. Karakoo and TK0n were able to break the 50 point mark. How about those Blackhawks breaking their 9 game winning streak beating NYR and smashing CBJ today? How about those Calgary Flames sitting in 8th position? [...]

Fantasy hockey trades heading into the final stretch

    This is my first piece on Crash the Net, so I’ll take a moment to introduce myself. My name is John and I am an avid follower of the Chicago Blackhawks, but I love to watch all of hockey in general. I’ve been playing fantasy hockey for quite a few years now and in [...]

CTN's Sunday February 12, 2012 standings and overall standings

Well, some started off strong and faded with their picks in the later games but leading from start to finish on Sunday was at DarciBrianne Past champion and prediction picks Queen who is making yet another run (surprise surprise) is MidwayJustyna Some tough competition in this months contest. Awesome! Here are Sunday’s standings: 1 DarciBrianne [...]

CTN's Feb 11, 2012 standings and overall standings.

Final Standings for Saturday February 11, 2012. 1 DylanKWebster 77 2 GeneraleasyE 75 3 ScottTKennedy 74 4 JakRip 73 5 Latoya12 71 6 Go_CGYFlames_Go 69 7 Flames_fan1 66 8 Justyna 64 9 Swabs5030 63 10 LuuLuoKrisyx1x 61 11 Tritty10 60 12 DWWMusicLove20 59 13 RobEffinBrown 56 14 DarciBrianne 51 14 ShaneKroeker 51 16 KaraKoo 48 [...]

CTN's Prediction Contest- Sunday and Overall Standings

Some people that had not so great picks yesterday picked it up today and made a nice move up the standings. For those lower in the standings don’t forget we have 3 more weeks to go still so don’t give up! For the people who did not fill out the entire month on the spreadsheet, [...]

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