New York Rangers

The lynx Chronicle: Brighter future for a classic team

This is a classic retro Jersey of Ilves Tampere from the 1960′s. Source of picture: Third string goalie A more modern jersey looks like this Source of picture: Gamewarnauctions  Not sure how to compare Ilves Tampere with or what classic NHL team. I’d guess though that you could choose any team, between Detroit Red Wings [...]

Rangers vs Bruins Conference Semifinals Preview

Mack: Unbiased First Paragraph and The Bruins Elaine: Mascot Fight and The Rangers The Bruins and Rangers are facing off in the playoffs for the first time in more than 40 years! Both original 6 teams have had considerable success in recent years, with Boston being the most recent Cup winner of the two. Boston had [...]

CTN's Stanley Cup playoffs predictions

Playoffs are finally here and of course it is time for a few of the’s team to do their fearless predictions. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to chirp away on here or if you want to beak the predictor just click their name to take you to their twitter page! WESTERN CONFERENCE       [...]


Hello there ladies and gentlemen, Have no fear I am back from my three week writing hiatus and have good news for all of you. In an attempt to keep me writing on a consistent basis Trent and I have decided I will pick up a few more teams to write about. So with out [...]


Hello there my beautiful Crash The Net groupies! I have decided to extend my Movember posts into the month of December or as my friend Tyler likes to call it “Decembeard”. Although the fundraising efforts of “Movember” are over as of tonight at midnight I feel there are still many stories that need to be [...]

Perception vs Reality

  Why is it that perception and reality rarely match up? I almost always perceive a situation as a more positive situation than the reality. For instance, I told myself there would be no lock out. I even went so far as to say the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2013 if [...]

Never Have Forgotten and Never Will

11 years ago the perfect little bubble we all lived in was so rudely popped. Our lives were shaken to the core.  A little piece of us died with every plane crash that day. We lost friends, family, mentors, and heroes. Today we remember those who lost their lives in such a tragic way. Today [...]

Obligatory Lockout Post

This is my obligatory lockout post. I’ve stayed out of this long enough. Now I’m just flustered and have a lot of stuff to say. Everyone is freaking out about a season that may not happen. Note I said “may not” happen. It’s not september 15th yet. Anything can happen. The probability that there will [...]

Teach Me How To Dubi

  I have Blue Jackets on the brain. I’m salivating thinking about the upcoming season. It’s so bad that when I hear certain songs I immediately correlate them with players on the team. So now the next few weeks are going to be spent getting these songs stuck in your head. Enjoy!   Everytime I [...]


Dear CBJ Chirpers,    If you’re going to take the time to chirp my team please take the time to be original and funny about it. Please do not waste my time with jokes my three year old cousin could come up with in her sleep. Saying things like “The Blue Jackets aren’t a NHL [...]

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