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The lion Chronicle: Good luck Mr Boumedienne in Columbus

Mr Boumediennes new workplace, Nationwide Arena in Ohio. Source of Picture: Earthlink    Many clubs in Europe and North America he’s been involved as player.  Not sure if I counted right but Josef Boumedienne has been playing hockey for 22(?) different organizations. That’s a lot one other may think. It sure includes a lot of [...]

Horton Hears A Boom

*picture taken by Todd Sharrock (@toddsharrock ) of the Columbus Blue Jackets Communications team.     Today the Columbus Blue Jackets signed free agent Nathan Horton to a seven year contract. In honor of his signing I took some liberties with Dr. Suess’ “Horton Hears A Who”.   Horton Hears A Boom   On the [...]

 Columbus Blue Jackets 2013 Draft Party

    On Sunday, the Columbus Blue Jackets hosted their annual Draft Party at Nationwide Arena. A day full of games, meeting players/promo teams, locker room tours, watching the draft on the jumbotron, and getting up close and personal with the Vezina.   While waiting for the draft to begin many fans headed on over [...]

Tweets of the Week: CBJ VEZINA EDITION

There was much rejoicing in Ohio on Saturday evening. Finally an Ohio sports team was recognized for something good.  In a landslide victory, Sergei Bobrovsky became the first Columbus Blue Jacket and first Russian to win the Vezina Trophy. With four shutouts, an average of two goals allowed per game, and a .932 save percentage [...]

Number One Cop On The Job

  “If Sergei Bobrovsky is so good why would Philly get rid of him?” I made this point multiple times during the off season. I’m a big fan of Steve Mason. Always have been, always will be. Which is why I didn’t give Bob a chance when the season started. Bad move on my part. [...]


*dislaimer* This is the first wrap up I’ve done since I was writing for my own CBJ Blog “Everyone Loves BJs”. here, here, and here. Forgive me while I try and get back into the swing of things.   Last night the Columbus Blue Jackets entered the Madhouse on Madison in hopes of  putting a [...]

An open letter to the unclassy

Dear LA Kings, Your presence on social media started out as witty banter between other NHL teams. Eventually you moved on and started trolling other teams’ fans. In the past few months your tweets have become semi offensive. They were funny yet bordering on rude and uncalled for. I let a lot of the mockery [...]


Tonight is the 85th annual Academy Awards. We all have our opinions on who should win and who shouldn’t. I’d give you my opinion but this is a hockey blog. Therefore, I bring you the opinions of the Columbus Blue Jackets as told in interviews on Fox Sports Ohio. Best Actor Matt Calvert’s Pick:  Bradley [...]


Here we go guys!! As I promised on Monday I bring to you a fan spotlight !! If  you’re a fan of the Blackhawks, Sharks, Rangers, Stars, Jets, or Blue Jackets and want to be recognized for your awesomeness send an email my way.   CBJ Fan Spotlight   Name: Cody Compton Twitter Handle: [...]


Around three weeks ago friends/fans from other NHL teams brought up two things to me based on what they have seen on twitter. One theory I tested and one I paid attention to. One their perception was totally wrong and the other their perception seems to be right. So today’s edition of perception vs reality [...]

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